Ricci Adams

Ricci Adams

Ricci is more than a professor; he serves as faculty lead of a postdoctoral program which assists scholars from underrepresented backgrounds enter academic careers and also trains graduate students, such as neuroscience graduate and medical students.

Jenna Ortega stars as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s hit comedy-drama of the same name, which has seen extraordinary viewership since its premiere last month.

Early Life and Education

Roland William Ricci passed away January 18th 2021 at age 67 and is survived by his wife Brenda Stevens Ricci of Osawatomie, Kansas; son Alex Ricci from Springfield Missouri; parents Gordon and Theresa Ricci and siblings as well as nieces and nephews; his best dog Cheedo is also still here with us today.

He worked tirelessly to build up his law practice. He read widely and became knowledgeable in classic works; always striving to excel in everything he did.

Abigail Adams was one of the strongest voices during the American Revolution and became a key advisor for her husband John Adams. Additionally, Abigail was an accomplished writer – her extensive correspondence is now part of the Adams Papers, while she wrote autobiographical books and diaries as well.

Professional Career

Ricci’s career, like that of many professional kids who gain fame as children, has seen both ups and downs. She managed to avoid some of the Hollywood growing pains that so many others seem to suffer from, yet has not quite broken into major roles as an adult actor.

Ricci was last seen appearing as Misty Quigley on Showtime’s hit Yellowjackets; she will also return for season two of Penny Dreadful which debuts next year.

Ricci is making her return to The Addams Family characters with the new Netflix show Wednesday, set on The Addams Family characters. She will play Wednesday alongside Jenna Ortega in this live-action drama from director Tim Burton and showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Achievement and Honors

Ricci Adams is widely renowned as an incredible harmonica player and has received multiple awards and honors for his talent. Additionally, he was awarded several prestigious scholarships as a result.

He has served as Faculty Lead of ADVANCE onboarding program, and now for REACH postbaccalaureate program that targets scholars from underserved communities interested in academic careers. As Principal Investigator he has trained numerous graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Fans of the Addams Family franchise were thrilled when Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the films, would appear as a series regular opposite Jenna Ortega in Netflix’s new show Wednesday. According to Deadline however, her character will have an entirely different persona in season 1.

Personal Life

She has appeared in several movies such as Mermaids, Casper, Sleepy Hollow and Monster as well as television series such as Yellow Jackets and Rick and Morty.

She has spoken openly about her childhood and the trauma caused by her father’s abuse; and was honored at an event hosted by The Family Place, a domestic violence support center located in Texas.

Ricci has garnered a stellar reputation as a master harmonica player. His talents have graced albums by the likes of Cedric Burnside, Lighting Malcolm and RL Burnside while appearing at clubs and real African American-owned juke joints throughout Mississippi and beyond. Additionally, he was featured in Blues Revue magazine (Feb/March issue) as well as touring with Walter Trout.

Net Worth

She has garnered immense renown through movies such as Casper, Now and Then, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pecker and Desert Blue – as well as narration for several audiobooks.

She is also actively engaged in numerous charitable pursuits and belongs to RAINN (Rape Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence National Network).

Ricci is married to camera dolly grip James Heerdegen whom she met while filming Pan Am in 2008. They share one son named Freddie. Ricci can next be seen appearing as one of Wednesday Addams Family Reboot characters scheduled to air in 2022 on Netflix’s Addams Family reboot series; and is working on her own feature film project as well.

Ricci Adams
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