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Rich Logan has been involved with mind-body activities since highschool, having learned meditation from his drama teacher. He didn’t like the yoga classes at Illinois State University. By this time, he had a divorce and two children. He had decided to start practicing yoga as a way to meet girls and he started attending a yoga class led by Steve Hartman, a well-known Kripalu teacher.

Since 2001, Rich has traveled the world studying yoga and bodywork and has taught yoga at various locations. He is currently on the faculty of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He has also taught yoga anatomy at several teacher trainings throughout Chicagoland. He has also taught workshops in yoga anatomy in Mysore (India) and has been a featured instructor at many festivals including Wanderlust Chicago, Bhaktifest Midwest, and Wanderlust Chicago.

Logan Paul reportedly has $14 million in earnings as of March 2019. This includes $10 million from the Floyd Mayweather exhibition boxing match. His total earnings in 2017 and 2018 are estimated at $14.5 million before taxes. He is the 10th highest-paid YouTuber. His brother Jake is higher up the list. All of his earnings come from a combination of YouTube revenue, advertising sponsors, and merchandise sales. Although it is difficult to pinpoint his exact source of wealth, it is clear that he is doing it right.

Despite the many differences between the two Paul brothers, it’s safe to say that Logan is richer than Jake. It’s possible to argue that Logan has a larger bank balance than Jake. The Paul brothers are not only extremely talented, but they are also extremely successful. Logan Paul’s YouTube videos have made him hundreds of thousands of dollar. In December 2015, he was ranked as the 10th most influential person on Vine, a social network he used to promote his content.

His net worth isn’t as impressive as Jake’s but it’s impressive that he is already so young. Although he is a college student his career is booming. He was an All-Star wrestler and linebacker as a teenager. While he was in high school, he continued to dedicate countless hours to his future success. His YouTube following had grown to a respectable size by the time he graduated.

Rich Logan Stock Photos
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