Richard Oetker fortune

Richard Oetker is a German billionaire, heir, and businessman who became CEO of multinational food company Dr. Oetker became. How rich is Richard Oetker?

Entrepreneur. Born on January 4, 1951 in Bielefeld, Germany. Richard Oetker fortune is estimated at around 2.2 billion euros. In 1976 he was kidnapped by Dieter Zlof, a Slovenian-born mechanic, and only released after paying a sizeable ransom. He was released for DM 21 million, the highest ransom that was paid in Germany at the time. He studied agronomy and brewing at the Technical University of Munich and has held various positions at Dr. Oetker. He has been married twice and has two children.

Bourgeois name: Richard Oetker
Parents: Rudolf-August Oetker, Susanne Jantsch
Children: Carl Christian Oetker, Anne Oetker
Richard Oetker size: 1.94 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1974

What is Richard Oetker’s net worth?
Richard Oetker’s assets are currently € 2.2 billion.

Training: Technical University of Munich
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Richard Oetker fortune

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