RimWorld Learning Helper – How to Get Started in RimWorld

If you’re struggling with the learning curve in Dwarf Fortress, you might want to check out RimWorld. This sandbox survival game is designed with a lot of open space, making it a perfect choice for those who dislike the learning curve in the original game. This game isn’t polished and will require you to poke around a bit to figure out how to proceed. Be careful, raccoons are capable of biting!

Start by playing the game without mods. Then, gradually add them to your game. Then, if you find that some of these add-ons are making your experience more difficult or boring, you should try to slow down the pace and avoid these stories. If you’re having trouble getting started, try a free trial run. It is better to avoid these stories from the beginning than to deal with them later.

Using good work settings in RimWorld is essential. Otherwise, your colonists could end up doing unnecessary tasks or even waste their time on useless ones. Manual priorities mode is a good option to solve this problem. This allows you to choose which tasks colonists should prioritize. If you choose priority 1, they will complete them in order of priority. If they are not, you can switch to manual priority mode and select the priority level for each job.

You can also earn royal titles bestowed by the Empire in the game. Knights have the ability to call upon the Empire’s elite troops and Counts can harness their psychic powers. However, these titles can make you haughty and entitle you to build grand throne rooms and luxurious bedrooms. Untrained characters can ruin harvesting so be careful. You can learn more about the game’s rules by referring to the manual, which is located on the options screen.

The game lacks direction in the beginning, but it does have a “Learning Helper” that will help you learn how to use certain features of the game. Only when you trigger the learning helper, it will provide information about certain features. Consequently, you can’t use the Learning Helper to learn proper gameplay right away. But if you’re willing to fail at first and research, you’ll be fine. If you’re interested in RimWorld, take a look at our new Learning Helper.

You can recruit prisoners into factions. Wardens can persuade prisoners much faster by setting their social interactions to recruit. The warden will usually chat with a prisoner and end the conversation with a recruitment pitch. Most prisoners will decline the invitation. And once you have recruited a few prisoners, you can entertain visitors with food and drinks. This can be very useful if your colony is attacked or threatened by a common enemy.

RimWorld Learning Helper – How to Get Started in RimWorld
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