Rivet on Dog Tags

You can put a rivet on the collar of your dog’s dog in just a few steps. Drill a hole in your collar with an icepick or leather punch tool. Place the ID plate in the collar holes. Insert the stud part of the rivet through the holes, and then close the crown part of the rivet by hammering on a hard surface. The collar’s upper surface should be flattened.

The perfect solution for existing collars, rivet-on dog tags are easy to attach to most materials. Riveted dog tags offer enough space for important information such as your name and number. In fact, many pet owners prefer them to hanging dog tags. They also come with free engraving. Riveted dog tags are available in 10 different colors, and are coated with protective acrylic. Engraved information is always in bold, with all capital letters, to ensure maximum safety.

The included rivets can only be used on leather collars that are no thicker than an eighth of an inch. You can buy longer rivets from a hardware shop if your dog’s collar has a thicker material. Some collar name plates for dogs can be purchased separately from the collars. Sadie’s collar is 1″ wide and Buster and Spike wear 5/8″ collars.

Slide-on dog tags are another option for collars with a one-inch thickness. They are silent and can hold up to four lines. A stainless steel dog tag can be used to fit up to five lines. It will also be much easier to remove and install than a slide-on dog tag. A rivet-on tag will prevent the collar from sliding. In addition, they are durable.

Besides a name and address, the tags should contain your pet’s microchip number, city of residence, and contact information for the owner. Cell phone numbers and addresses can also be added to the tags. However, some people are not comfortable with sharing their personal information on their dog’s collar. If your dog has been microchipped, you should also include a second tag listing the microchip company. This information is critical for identifying your dog in the event it is lost or stolen.

Another option is to use rubber bands and tape to silence your dog’s tag. These two options aren’t as durable as a rivet but they can be used to attach your dog’s ID tag. You don’t want your pet to get lost. A custom-made collar is a great way to ensure your dog’s safety. You will be glad you did.

Rivet on Dog Tags
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