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Robert Dekeyser is a Belgian-German entrepreneur and former soccer goalkeeper. He is the founder of DEDON, a Germany-based manufacturer of outdoor furniture with sales in more than 80 countries. How rich is Robert Dekeyser?

Entrepreneur. Born on October 7, 1964 in Leuven, Belgium. Robert Dekeyser fortune is estimated at around 40 million euros. At the age of 15, after attending nine different schools, Dekeyser stood up in English class and announced that he was dropping out to become a professional footballer. As an outdoor enthusiast, Dekeyser is also the founder of DEDON ISLAND, a luxury resort in the Philippines.

Bourgeois name: Robert Dekeyser
Spouse: Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser (married? –2010)
Children: Estikay, Carolin Dekeyser, Marie Dekeyser
Robert Dekeyser size: 1.86 m
Nationality: Belgian
His career began: 1980

What is Robert Dekeyser’s net worth?
Robert Dekeyser’s assets are currently € 40 million.

Established organizations: Dekeyser & Friends Foundation, D&F Academy
Books: Not for sale !.
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Robert Dekeyser fortune

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