Roblox Royale High New Set

The perpetual royale high new set consists of the Fluttering Butterfly Bodice, Skirt and Heels. The Fluttering Butterfly Set also has sleeves. You can find the sleeves in the Beach House chest. You can purchase the Miss Lady Rose Set which was released in May 2019. The Miss Lady Rose outfit comes with a Bodice, Skirt and Bow. It costs 76,000 diamonds. The Fluttering Butterfly set can now be purchased in the shop

The New Year 2021 event saw the first appearance of the Starry Outfit in Royale High Sets. Later, it was released during the Christmas 2021 gifting event. The Starry Outfit has since returned to the game as a reward for the New Year 2022 event, but it is unclear when and how it will return to the shop. It may be necessary to trade with other players to get the dazzling outfit. It is also possible that you will be unable to find any outfits in the shop for several months.

The Valentines 2020 Event was another set added to the Royale High game. As part of the Valentines 2020 event, the Darling Valentina Playful Puppy ears were released. This set was only available during February and cost 116,000 Diamonds. This exclusive set is available for both boys and girls. It features six items for boys and girls. It also includes a ring and a bracelet. These new pieces will surely increase your character’s appeal.

Roblox Royale High sets are made up of multiple pieces that can be worn together. While most Royale High sets are designed for women, some are also available for men. Each item in a set can be purchased separately. The items in a set may be toggled to match the player’s body type. The Dear Dollie Ruffled Skirt, for example, can be purchased for 25,000 Diamonds and is permanent in the game. This item is also tradable and adaptable.

Roblox Royale High has released a new set. The Dear Dollie Tea Party Bow is a new headband with laces in Roblox Royale High. The headband is available for purchase at 8,000 Diamonds. The Bow can be traded and customized. The Enchanting Heirloom is another new set in the game. This outfit comes with four new items. These new items are available in January 2020.

The Gothicutie Outfit is a new costume that was released for boys and girls in 2021. This new set will be available only during summer and costs 164,000 Diamonds. The Summer Fantasy Outfit includes a Bodice, skirt, sleeves, rings, boots, and a bracelet. The Shadow Empress Outfit has a matching Chained Bodice, Skirt, and Sandals.

Roblox Royale High New Set
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