Rolf Eden fortune

Rolf Eden revealed that before becoming the German Hugh Hefner, he was a refugee from Nazism and a soldier in Israel. How rich is Rolf Eden?

Businessman. Born on February 6, 1930 in Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany Rolf Eden fortune is estimated at around 200 million euros. Rolf Eden was born as one of two sons in a Jewish family in Berlin. In 1933 they fled National Socialist Germany to Palestine. Here the father drove a taxi and the family later had a café and a hotel in Haifa. In 1956 he read in the newspaper that Germans living abroad could return to West Berlin, where they received 6,000 Deutschmarks as an entry fee.

In West Berlin, Edel became the king of the nightclub scene in the 50s and 60s. He had the famous Big Eden disco until 2002. Since 1959 he has worked on over 30 films. He has been in the real estate sector since 1977 and today owns 14 properties with 800 rental apartments in Berlin.

Bourgeois name: Rolf Shimon Eden
Ex-life partner: Ursula Buchfellner
Rolf Eden size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1950

What is Rolf Eden’s net worth?
Rolf Eden’s assets are currently € 200 million.

Books: Always lucky: How I became Germany’s most famous playboy.
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Rolf Eden fortune

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