Rolf Morrien fortune

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Rolf Morrien is an author of non-fiction books. He’s also a stock analyst. How rich is Rolf Morrien?

Author. Born in 1972 in Metelen, Germany. Rolf Morrien fortune is estimated at around 1.6 million euros. He completed his training in history, economics and politics in Münster and Vienna. Morrien worked as a business journalist at what was then the Bonn Journalism Academy. He lives with his wife in Rheinbrohl.

Bourgeois name: Rolf Morrien
Rolf Morrien size: 1.90 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1998

What is Rolf Morrien’s net worth?
Rolf Morrien’s assets are currently € 1.6 million.

Books: Stock exchange easy to understand – Anniversary Edition, How do I optimally invest 5000 euros ?, Depot protection made easy simplified.
Is also often searched for: Judith Engst, Janne Jörg Kip, Heinz Vinkelau, Alexander Herrmann.

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Rolf Morrien fortune

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