Rough Collie Colors

There are several different colors of rough collies, including black, brown, tan, and tricolor. However, each country has its own breed standard for these dogs. Below are some examples of the most common rough collie colors. Read on to learn more about each type of rough collie’s coat color. And remember to consider the coat type before choosing a puppy. There are also other factors that contribute to a rough collie’s unique personality.

The Official Collie Standard recognizes four basic colors of Collie, though there are considerable variations in each color. The AKC standard does not specify a preferred color, but emphasizes rich, bright coloring. Some colors of collie may look similar to other dog breeds. For example, the Shetland Sheepdog shares some of the same coat colors. But a rough collie’s unique coloring is what makes it so endearing and desirable.

The Standard Rough Collie is one of the most renowned breeds. It is an ancient herding breed, with origins in Scotland and England. The current appearance of the breed was largely the result of a stud dog called “Old Cockie”. Although Collies are more commonly seen as family dogs these days, they are still an excellent choice for livestock guardians. Rough Collies are beautiful and good-tempered.

Collies can come in four basic colors: black, sable, blue merle, and white. Certain crossings of the merle gene produce white merle and blue merle. The other colors in this type of dog are cryptic, dilute, or tricolor. While the tricolor gene causes white merle, the sable gene contributes a distinctive color to the dog. However, the sable gene also results in the white merle color.

Similarly, the sable gene affects the color of a dog’s coat. It causes a dog to be a merle in one of its parents. Depending on the breed, a pup with this gene will have either a black or a blue merle coat. It is important to note that this particular gene is dominant in both sable and merle genes. However, the tricolor gene is present in a pure for sable merle.

A sable collie’s coat is the most common. It is often described as a traditional collie color. Two pure sable parents will always bear a sable puppy. The sable areas range from golden honey yellow to rich chocolate brown. White also covers the chest and most of the legs. Occasionally, white can also occur in the coat, which is referred to as “white-factored.”

Another variety of rough collie color is merle. This color is more popular than any other type of rough collie. Merle dogs are generally dark brown, but are often blue in color. Because of the blue eye color, merle dogs are not recommended for breeding. AKC’s website lists breeders of the collie, and you can find one near you. Just remember, a well-bred rough collie puppy should cost around $1,200 to $1,500. However, be wary of bargain-priced puppies.

Rough Collie Colors
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