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Rowan Helping Ministries can help you find a rental property. They offer limited assistance with deposit, medication, and other emergency needs. Be sure to bring a photo ID for each member of your household before you apply. These services are available to all county residents who are in need. In addition to providing emergency rental assistance, Rowan Helping Ministries also provides support for other types of community-based projects, including the Crisis Assistance Network and Shelter.

Food pantry

The Rowan Helping Ministries food pantry in Salisbury will begin operations in late October, partnering with St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. The food pantry is the organization’s third location in the last seven years, and the new location will expand the number of days it is open to the public. It will also give Rowan Helping Ministries six days of service across the county, from Monday to Saturday. Previously, the food pantry operated only during the winter months and rotated between churches in the downtown area. First Presbyterian Church served as a soup kitchen; John Calvin Presbyterian Church operated a Crisis Assistance Network. Clothing Centers and Dial Help programs were housed in the former Price High School building, and then, in 1989, the organization’s Salisbury location was built.

The organization has a long history with Rowan Helping Ministries, with a commitment to the community. Jeanie’s Kitchen volunteers have been a vital part of the church’s community ever since the 1980s. Rowan Helping Ministries has a sister organization called Healthy Rowan, which is also maintained a relationship with the parish. Healthy Rowan helps families improve their quality of life by offering nutritious meals and free groceries. These individuals can now eat healthy and have the support of Rowan Helping Ministries.

The ministry provides emergency assistance to those in need, in addition to the food pantry. They provide spiritual, emotional, and material support. For instance, the organization distributes donated winter clothing and offers a variety of sizes. The food pantry also provides groceries to those who are in need of them. Two satellite Food Pantries are also managed by the ministry. The ministry also runs a crisis assistance program that provides support to approximately 75 families each day. It posts a monthly list of what it needs on their website and Facebook page.

Soup kitchen

The Rowan Helping Ministries, a local non-profit organization, provides food and shelter to homeless people. It offers emergency assistance, a clothing centre, an overnight shelter, and a soup kitchen. To help this worthy cause, local residents are encouraged to donate food and clothing. Donations of all kinds are accepted, and the soup kitchen is usually nearly empty during some months. To keep its doors open, the ministry relies on the generosity and support of local businesses and organizations. It often posts a monthly list of what it requires.

Crisis Assistance Network

The Rowan Helping Ministries Crisis Assistance Network offers many types of assistance, including soup kitchens and shelter. The organization relies heavily on donations, partnerships with local churches and federal grants. The Crisis Assistance Network is their primary source of emergency funding. There are many circumstances and limited resources. For more information about this program, contact them. They are available Monday through Friday.

You will need a valid Social Security Card as well as proof of income such SSI or pensions to apply for this program. You will also need to provide proof of expenses, such as copies of bank statements and other important documents. You must also have a photo ID for each member of your household. Rowan Helping Ministries accepts applications. Although the application process can be time-consuming and difficult, once you submit your application, you will receive the help you need.

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, you may want to consider donating food to the Pantry. The Rowan Helping Ministries Crisis Assistance Network is an excellent option if you can’t afford to buy food and other necessities. The organization also provides information about local pantries. These can be church-run or run by community organizations. Depending on your needs, they may also have emergency food supplies and free groceries available.


Overnight shelter is one of the many services offered by Rowan Helping Ministries. This organization’s mission is to provide temporary housing to those experiencing homelessness. In addition to providing shelter, the organization also offers related support services, such as help with deposits and other emergency expenses. Non-residents have the opportunity to use the shower facilities throughout the day. This will improve physical well-being in the community. Guests are encouraged to share their experiences with the community through interviews and social media.

The Rowan Helping Ministries also offers various assistance programs to help those in need. They are supported by donations, a partnership of local churches and federal grants. Although the Crisis Assistance Network (CAN) is the primary source of funding, there are many conditions to this program. Depending on the circumstances, the assistance programs can also include assistance with utility bills and water bills. The organization also strives to maintain contact with those in need.

As part of Rowan Helping Ministries’ mission, the organization helps to address basic human needs for those in need in the community. It began as a soup kitchen that was housed in Salisbury’s downtown churches and later became a 501(c)(3) non-profit. During winter months, the shelter and other programs were distributed among the churches. The First Presbyterian Church offered a soup kitchen. The Crisis Assistance Network was hosted by the John Calvin Presbyterian Church. Meanwhile, the clothing center was located in the former Price High School building. Dial Help operated in the basement of Tri-County Mental Health. The Rowan Helping Ministries consolidated their programs in two buildings at 226 N. Long St. in 1989.

Rowan Helping Ministries
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