Royalair German Shepherds – A Breeder’s Recommendation

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Royalair’s breeder has been raising dogs for many years and believes that the dogs bred from this program are healthy and great to have. The breeder also bred Royalair puppies for clients. Her experience and the fact that her dogs have thrived in their new homes makes her a great recommendation. The following are her impressions of the Royalair German Shepherds.

They are highly energetic and attentive. They can make a great addition to any family with creative training methods. Although they can be kept outdoors, their dense coats can make it uncomfortable to keep them in an indoor kennel. It is not recommended to keep your German shepherd in a kennel, car, or other enclosed space. Instead, keep him in a shed or fenced-in area. They will be more comfortable if they have water.

Breeders should not be just interested in selling puppies. A good breeder won’t just sell puppies at will, but will work with your family to find the right home for them. They will also accompany the puppy to the airport and follow up for the first few weeks. This ensures that the puppy will have a good start in life. A German shepherd is the ideal breed for children.

Royalair German Shepherds – A Breeder’s Recommendation
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