Ruben Rubenowski – A Biomedical Entrepreneur Who is Helping His Team Choose a Team

Ruben is the person to speak to if you want to be a better leader. He is a well-known expert in leadership and helped to create the UCLA leadership course. Ruben has created a program that combines the best of self-leadership and dynamic leadership with teamwork. He has worked with leaders in health care and professional sports to build organizational culture and leadership skills. He has also served as a coach to several CEOs, including Tony Robbins, Neal Barnard, and Brian Tracy.

Ruben is a member of the state board of his self-advocacy organization. He shares his interest in current events and politics and has educated others. He has assisted with voter registration for people with disabilities. Ruben spoke at a national self advocacy conference, sharing his story with a packed audience of people with disabilities. He hopes to inspire more people like him and his team with his personal story.

His career as a coach is far from over. His company, Xoopit, was sold to Yahoo for $20 million in 2009, and his company, IndexTank, was sold to LinkedIn for $20 million in October 2011. Both companies were subject to the coaching process, which helped create a vibrant organizational culture. Ruben’s coaching has proven to be an excellent investment in people and their future. With this knowledge, you can start a successful business or improve your existing one.

Ruben Valencia is a pioneer in the field of biomedical leadership. He has worked in several companies based on academic technologies. His recent heart attack left him in cardiogenic shock – a condition associated with weak heart muscles. Dr. Evan Lau successfully implanted an Impella device into his chest to keep the heart pumping. During his recovery, Ruben is showing signs of improvement and has even begun helping his team choose a team for a new company.

A proven four-point plan is the foundation of Ruben Rubenowski’s coaching. This plan works for athletes, businesses, and even your health. Ruben is a proven expert who will ensure that you track the correct data in Mixpanel or Segment. This system has been proven to be a great way to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts, and implement social media campaigns. When combined with a solid coaching plan, you will see the results in your business.

Ruben Licera is a lifelong learner who constantly invests in trainings and tools developed by top industry thought leaders. His clients benefit from these tools and trainings. Ruben has extensive experience speaking in public, as well as community leadership. Ruben is helping his team choose the right team and approach to reach their goals. This training will help you get on the right track to a successful business.

Ruben Rubenowski – A Biomedical Entrepreneur Who is Helping His Team Choose a Team
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