Russell Wilson Wants a New QB For the Broncos

Russell Wilson officially introduces Jimmy G. Johnson, the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Johnson is a veteran of the NFL, having played for thirteen different teams. The Broncos could be interested in Cousins or Jackson, but they’ve already set a high bar on defense. Jackson was successful but he isn’t a sure bet to be their next starter.

Russell Wilson officially introduces Jimmy G. Johnson, the Denver Broncos’ new quarterback

The Denver Broncos have officially introduced rookie quarterback Jimmy G. Johnson, who signed a one-year contract on Friday. Johnson is not an NFL star but he has proven he can be a reliable backup. Johnson was the team’s backup in emergency situations during his time with Baltimore Ravens. He signed with the Ravens Dec. 16 and played against the Bengals ten day later. He threw for 304 yard in a 41-21 defeat.

While Seattle Seahawks’ management claims that they initiated contact with the Denver Broncos, Wilson is adamant that he will stay in the city. While many players are upset at the trade, Johnson is confident in the team’s ability to develop him into a quality quarterback. Johnson is able to manage a team effectively, despite the lackluster talent.

The Denver Broncos finally have a new quarterback. While many are thrilled about this development, some are worried that the team made a mistake. In reality, Wilson was signed by the Broncos. Johnson will continue to prove himself over the next few years. Fans of the Broncos can rejoice that Johnson has solved their biggest problem since they won the Lombardi Trophy six-years ago.

The Broncos have more than $26 million in free agent space. It may be best to keep both of these players in the team. Both are skilled pass-rushers. However, Johnson might get lost in free agent shuffles and Jewell may be overlooked by other teams. Denver cannot afford to lose their veteran defensive players. They can’t afford to lose their depth chart players to replace them.

Johnson has played for 13 NFL Teams

While his NFL resume has been more of a catalogue than a player’s life, it’s worth looking at for his varied career highlights. Johnson has played for the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts since 2008, as well as the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns. Johnson also played for the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions as well as the AAF’s San Diego Fleet. In 2016, Johnson joined the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent and played three games.

Johnson’s career was one of footnotes. He was cut by four teams while playing for the Raiders, and then signed with the Redskins. Johnson was cut by Redskins in December and signed with the Lions in August/September 2019. Johnson signed with the Jets and played four games for the XFL’s LA Wildcats prior to the league’s collapse. Johnson was released in January 2019.

Despite a poor performance during his first NFL start, Johnson did go on to play three games with the Redskins in 2011, going 1-2. Josh Johnson’s starts record is 1-7. His career as a starter has been littered with disappointment. His current salary is just above $6 million. In the XFL, Johnson was named the highest graded quarterback. There, he was a backup to Josh Freeman.

During his freshman season, Johnson played limited snaps for the San Diego Fleet. He then went on to start 33 games with the Buccaneers. He completed 148 of 268 passes, totalling 1,632 yards and eight touchdowns. He also had 14 interceptions. His greatest action was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He started five games and made four starts. The Buccaneers picked him up in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL draft. He left the Buccaneers after the 2011 season, and he has played for 13 NFL teams since.

Cousins could be available to the broncos

If the Vikings make a move to acquire Kirk Cousins, the Broncos should listen. They have two key members who know Cousins well from their days in purple. A trade to the Broncos will save the Vikings $35 million in cap space. It also could attract the Vikings’ new GM. The new general manager could try to lure Cousins to Denver.

In addition to a possible trade for Cousins, the Broncos have the flexibility to make a move. They have the ninth pick and can afford him. Also, they have a draft pick this year. Cousins could be signed by the Vikings using that draft pick, which would be a nice cap benefit. Cousins is one of the top quarterback prospects available this offseason, but the Broncos must be flexible with their plans.

The Vikings can also sign other players in the quarterback market, which is something that is not available to the Broncos. Kirk Cousins’ deal with the Minnesota Vikings runs through 2022. The Broncos have only Drew Lock under contract next season and Teddy Bridgewater scheduled to walk in free agency. A move to the Vikings could prove to be a good option for Denver.

Cousins could be traded by the Broncos to get another quality quarterback at a fair price. A franchise quarterback is not possible due to the NFL salary cap. They would need to make a major roster change in order to reach that point. However, if the Vikings make a trade for Cousins, they might think twice about that move.

Jackson has set high standards in defense

The Denver Broncos have been excited by Russell Wilson’s arrival, but the best news for Broncos fans has been the fact that Kareem has been resigned. Jackson has shown the talent expected of him to be an effective starter for the Broncos, even though he hasn’t had the best season in his career.

The Broncos have several outstanding players in their defense that are pro-bowl quality. Cornerback Champ Bailey is one of them, but safety Brian Dawkins has become a leader. Small cornerback Alphonso Smith is a tenacious defender and free safety Darcel McBath has exceptional burst and recognition. All four players can get the ball when it needs to be in a hurry.

Lastly, the defense is built around a good running game, and Hill is an elite nickel. His career high in receptions is 52, a full-season high. In the passing game, he’s an excellent nickel and a solid cover corner. Williams is still young and has a chance to make a difference. The Broncos also have a strong secondary, which means Williams can contribute right away.

Hicks is a good run defender, but hasn’t been quite as productive in the run game. While he is 32, he’s not as rangy and quick as he once was, so his production has declined. Hicks’ experience and consistency are still vital. He played over 800 snaps a season in 2017 and 2016 and is expected to be an even better player in 2022.

Cousins is a low-risk option

Kirk Cousins is a great low-risk option for the Broncos if they are looking for a new quarterback. He’s already a respected starter and is among the top half of starting quarterbacks. He doesn’t have Bridgewater’s flaws and isn’t afraid of taking downfield shots and betting on his receivers. He is not a Super Bowl quarterback. He could be a good low-risk option if Denver is in rebuilding mode.

While it’s unlikely the Broncos will draft Rodgers or Cousins, there are plenty of low-risk options. The Denver Broncos could also sign Sam Howell, who’s a fifth-year senior and a true junior. Paton is getting a great deal from the Broncos. Paton, who was drafted from Auburn to Liberty, became one of the best pass-run quarterbacks. He threw 47 touchdowns and 18 interceptions, and rushed for 1,822 yard and 27 touchdowns over two seasons. Sam Willis, however, is a small player and will be a secondary choice. His height and weight will make him a desirable target for a wider roster.

As a quarterback, Kirk Cousins has the potential to be a star. His family includes quarterbacks from both the Colts (and Browns) The Broncos have a mangled offensive line that makes it difficult for the offense protect the quarterback. But with Kirk Cousins as their new QB, they should be able to contend for a playoff spot with an average roster.

The Broncos can take another shot at quarterback in the draft next year. Lock could be the next starter, but it is difficult to evaluate quarterbacks with a new front-office figure. The Broncos will likely wait until 2022 draft to target this position if they are serious about it. Cousins is not guaranteed to be the starting quarterback.

Russell Wilson Wants a New QB For the Broncos
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