Russian Blue Rats For Sale

While the Russian Blue is the most beautiful rat in the world, its colour does require some special care. As it is a dark rat, a full bath is not necessary for young rats, but they should be bathed at least a week before a show. Some people bathe their rat with a shampoo for black cats or dogs. A satin cloth is another common grooming method for the Russian Blue.

The hair of a Russian Blue rat is steel grey with a deep blue tint and clumps of yellow pigment running the length of its body. The color is straight to the skin and has no brown tone. This rat has pure black eyes and long, shiny hair. Russian Blue is unique among other varieties because of its genetic makeup. The genetic nomenclature used for Russian Blue is different in different countries.

The history of the Russian Blue Rat is well documented. The Russian Blue rat was bred in the United States from a trio bred in California by Karla Barber. These rats were bred from a New York blue rat. This state’s blue rat is also believed to have been the mother of the Russian Blue Rat. Although the exact origin of this rat is unknown, it has a rich color on its roots.

The true Russian Blue rat is not available in pet stores, and has not been released to the pet trade. A Russian Blue Rat for sale is a great way to get your pet started. You won’t have to worry about your pet’s safety if you only buy from a reputable breeder. The Russian Blue rat is a highly desirable pet for both home and business environments.

The Russian blue rat is one of the most beautiful rats in the world. These creatures are also one of the hardest to breed in captivity. The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association has a comprehensive guide that explains how to identify a Rat. Aside from the official guide, you can also look for detailed descriptions of body color, coat texture, and marking patterns on different parts of the rat. This page is provided by the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association.

The Russian Blue is a rare breed of rat. As it varies in color, it can vary from a bluish grey to a brownish gray. The brown cast is often regarded as a flaw, but it’s not common in this breed. They are blue to the skin but not silvery like other rat breeds. It’s worth investing in a Russian Blue Rat.

Colours vary widely among a rat’s coat. There are two main colors for a rat’s base coat: agouti (brown), and black. Individual hairs give away the color and pattern. The black rat is lighter than the agouti. The blue rat can have either dark or light eyes. These two basic coat colours are complemented by a range of dilutions. The blue rat may also be albino.

Russian Blue Rats For Sale
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