Sable Cocker Spaniel

The sable cocker spaniel, also known as a black cocker, is an elegant breed that originated in England. This breed comes in two different color variations, with the Ticking and Sable patterns. Both coat colors have beautiful silky coats and black tails. Ticking pattern cockers are smart and friendly with a penchant for hunting and retrieving. Their thick, glossy coats have long, dark hairs that run throughout.

Sables are an extremely pretty breed. Their shiny and rich coats make them look black or sun-bleached from far away. Jaymes, owned and cared for by JoDee, has a lovely home. This pup has beautiful eyes, and his coat is a deep sable. This is a common characteristic in sable cocker spaniels. However, owners should be aware of the sable coat’s potential for shedding.

You should ensure that the breeder has a track record of breeding sable dogs before you buy a puppy from a sable cocker spaniel. Some breeders are charging exorbitant prices for sable cockers, despite the fact that they are a rare breed. You can find good breeders who will not charge a premium for a sable cocker spaniel.

A sable cocker spaniel’s coat color depends on the gene’s Eh and K loci. If a dog has one copy of ‘Eh’ at the E locus and two copies of ‘Ky’ at the K locus, it will have sable coat color. The same goes for red/cream dogs. In order to breed a sable cocker spaniel, a dog with the Eh/Eh gene can be crossed with a sable dog.

A sable cocker spaniel is not as common as the other colours. Sable cocker spaniels are more solid and darker than other colours, with black and more common points. While sable cocker spaniel colours are rare, they are not uncommon. They have the same basic characteristics as a frosted poodle, though they are rarer.

The sable gene is located on the same locus as the tan point gene. A dog must carry one sable gene and one tan point gene to be considered a sable. The sable gene is represented by the letters “ay” and “at.” The dog will appear sable and tan-pointed if two of these genes exist. If only one of these genes is present, however, the dog will appear clear.

High-strung cockers can get an ear infection. This problem can become serious if it is not treated. To prevent this problem, trim the hair on the ears or use an ear cleaner on a weekly basis. These dogs are good with children and will get along with them as long as they are well-behaved. The sable cocker spaniel is a great family dog.

There are many colors available for the Sable Cocker Spaniel. The main color is sable, while the tips of the fur are black. Sable Cocker Spaniels are stunning and gorgeous, and their coats look great in different light. A sable can also have a variety of coat colors, so you can have both. You will need to choose a color that suits your style.

Sable Cocker Spaniel
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