Saints Quarter Back: Who Should the Saints Try to Sign Next Season?

If you’re looking for a new Saints quarter back, here are the four options: Siemian, Hill, and Rees. While Hill may not be a pocket passer, Siemian is a more traditional passing quarterback. Pickett, a future starter, and Rees could be the next generation of quarterbacks. Read on to discover who the Saints should try to sign next season.

Hill is not a pocket passer

It’s not surprising that some Saints fans are disappointed in Taysom Hills as their quarterback. Although the rookie isn’t a pocket passer, that doesn’t make him a bad option. Despite the critics, Hill is still an excellent quarterback, a better option than Winston. His strength and arm strength make him a dual threat that can keep up with Winston and the Saints’ offense. But if he continues to rely on his arm strength, the Saints may end up being a run-centric team the rest of the season.

In his first start since returning from injury, Hill was able to put on a productive game. Despite missing two weeks earlier this season, he rushed 11 times for 73 yards and a touchdown. Hill was able to exploit open space on scrambles and three of those carries were intended passes. Hill has scrambled seven times this season for 64 yards in two starts.

But there’s more to Hill’s game than just his arm strength. Hill is a great player in goal-line and short yardage situations, despite his inability to pass pocket. Hill was used by the Saints on 11 third- and fourth-down plays of less than four yards. He also picked up nine first downs on rushing and receiving plays. He also has a knack for the near-end zone. Hill touched the ball seven times inside the 10-yard line this season, scoring four touchdowns.

Taysom Hill has high expectations from Sean Payton and will get a chance to show some of his skills against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night. Hill is in his third season as a NFL quarterback. He excelled at Highland High School and Brigham Young University. The Saints hope he can continue to impress the Saints’ fans and prove his worth as the team’s backup quarterback.

Siemian is a traditional passing QB

Trevor Siemian is a traditional passing quarterback who entered the NFL as a seventh-round selection out of Northwestern. In his first two seasons, Siemian completed 514 of 870 passes for 5,842 yards and 31 touchdowns with just 24 interceptions. He will likely be the starting quarterback for the Saints this season. Siemian’s success in the NFL has been a mixed bag. His career completion rate is just over 60% and he’s had some down years with his performance.

After being cut by Drew Brees earlier in the season because of a shoulder injury, Trevor Siemian signed for the Saints. Siemian was likened to former NFL quarterback Ty Detmer. Siemian was signed by the Saints’ practice squad when Drew Brees suffered a serious injury. Siemian was a great performer in practice but he remained with the team even after Brees’ retirement.

Trevor Siemian played well last week against the Buccaneers and is expected to keep the starting job against the Falcons. Taysom Hill will likely get some playing time in the offense, in addition to Siemian’s performance. Siemian’s performance is encouraging for the Saints who have struggled to keep Jameis Winston in good health this season.

After Winston tore his ACL, the Saints have struggled to replace him. They looked for backups, and one of those options was Siemian. In addition to Winston, the Saints also have Tyreek Hill. While Hill has been able to play a traditional passing quarterback, the Saints may prefer to use the rookie as a playmaker. Hill has three rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown.

Rees is a very accurate kid

David Rees is an English writer who has written twelve books for children and young adults. His work focuses on the differences between American and British children’s literature, and his focus on overlooked authors and writers often doesn’t match the hype. His first book, The Marble in the Water (eighteen authors), includes fifteen essays, nine which have never been published before. Rees writes with ease and a sharp British sensibility, establishing himself as an important critical voice.

Pickett could be the future for the Saints

Tyler Pickett is a potential franchise quarterback for the Saints. According to ESPN’s Mel Kiper, and NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, the Pitt quarterback has the most career starts. He has also been linked to the Saints during mock drafts. Winston signed a two-year deal with the Saints and may be able to take a step back once the team begins training camp.

The Saints have a lot talent on the defensive side of football, but they also want a viable option at quarterback. They are looking for a young, talented player. They must be careful as they could lose a quarterback to a rival division. If they want to have a chance at a third-rounder, the Saints may have to settle for a second round pick.

Winston could be a free agent in 2022

Jameis Winston may be a free agent in 2022. He will be back in New Orleans. He signed a two-year contract worth $28 million, including $21 million guaranteed. Winston is loyal to his family, and free agency. As a free agent, Winston should play the market and hope for a bidding war. What if the Saints don’t have the funds to sign him?

Jameis Winston is a free agent for the third consecutive season. He signed a $28 million contract for two years with the New Orleans Saints. In the off-season 2020, he had to undergo a torn MCL and ACL in his left knee. Winston had a difficult season last year due to injuries but he was able put the injury behind him to lead the Saints to a record of 5-2. He threw 14 touchdowns, and three interceptions. He was actually a great performer and was able to keep his starting job.

Winston will need to wait until the Texans sign a new contract, but a team-friendly contract could help him get a job in Houston. Winston would be a good fit with the Texans because they have a young, talented quarterback as well as a mediocre defense. Winston’s big arm and small cap hit could make him a strong player in the Texans offense.

If he signs a contract with the Saints, he could be the biggest free agent in the league in 2022. He was the full-time starter for the Saints this season and led them to a 5-2 record before torn his ACL in Week eight. He won’t be able to command a large contract if he doesn’t sign a new contract. Plus, his track record as a starter for the Buccaneers from 2015-19 makes him a risky proposition.

Saints Quarter Back: Who Should the Saints Try to Sign Next Season?
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