Salem, New Hampshire Zip Code

salem new hampshire zip code 51095

When you need to send a package, you’ll need to know the Salem, New Hampshire zip code. The code is used to help the United States Postal Service deliver your package more quickly. It’s also important to remember that this ZIP code is specific to the city and county of Salem, New Hampshire, and may not be the same as your street address.

The city of Salem is located in southeastern New Hampshire, just west of Haverhill, Massachusetts. It was incorporated in 1750 and is part of Rockingham county. Originally, Salem was part of Methuen, but was divided into separate towns after the final decision about the boundary line between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was made in 1741.

The ZIP Code for Salem, NH is 03079. The code is in the state of New Hampshire and mostly covers Rockingham County. Salem is the official city within this zip code, although some parts of the zip code are within Methuen and Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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In addition to its history, Salem is home to the Rockingham Park Race Track, which was the first horse racing track in New England. It also has the Icenter, a skating rink, and America’s Stonehenge. The city’s growth in the 1950s coincided with the growing prominence of Greater Boston, and suburban-style residential communities along NH Route 28. Most recent commercial construction has focused on Route 28 and Exit 2 of Interstate 93.

As a state of the US, Salem is considered a Republican stronghold. Since 1996, no Democratic presidential nominee has carried the city. Its population has increased by 0.9% since the last census. The population of Salem, NH, is 30,652 (and is projected to grow by 0.9% by 2020).

A ZIP code is a digit-based code assigned by the US Postal Service. It is based on three factors: the area, regional postal facility, and local zone. The first number of a five-digit code indicates the area of the address, and the remaining numbers represent the local zone.

Salem, New Hampshire Zip Code
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