Salesforce Rollup Helper

The Rollup Helper can be used to automatically overwrite an existing target field with values that match the target field’s data type. It adds new values only to non-blank or blank data, so it is important to uncheck Overwrite Existing Target Field Information. Multiselect Picklist Split can be disabled or enabled. This counts each selection as an child value. By default, this option is not enabled.

Rollup Helper makes it easy to create and use any type data in Salesforce objects without having to write code. This feature works with any data source, whether you have a Master-Detail relationship or a Lookup Relationship, and does not count against the limits of Rollup-Summary Fields. Rollup Helper has more information. You can also read the documentation and then try it yourself. After you have installed it you can access the app via the AppExchange. It has three tabs that you can use to create and edit the Rollup.

Once you have created your rollup you can begin applying your child filters. You can specify the fields that will appear in the results. These fields can be created from scratch or copied-pasted from existing ones. Once you create a child filter, any criteria from the original filter will be carried over. You can also edit or delete existing filters. After the process is completed, the filter can be used in future rollups.

Rollup Helper can be downloaded from the AppExchange and comes with three free rollups. After you’ve created a few, you can upgrade to Rollup Premium to create unlimited rollups for your organization. The Premium Edition has priority support and unlimited rollups. The basic functionality is available in the free version. You can upgrade to the Premium Edition for more advanced functionality. You can also purchase unlimited rollups.

Rollup Helper can also create results fields from within an application. Rollup summaries can also be created within an object that has a master-detail relation, but this requires a Professional Edition Salesforce organization. When you create a rollup, you can change the API Name, security, and page layouts. These changes can be easily achieved with Rollup Helper. This feature makes it simple to create rollups, and saves you the time and effort of manually creating them.

Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries are a common solution for creating rollup summary fields on Salesforce objects. They are especially useful when you have a complex rollup summary field. This managed package can be used to solve the problem in Developer Console. It is possible to use this package with other Apex tools, such as Workbench. You can even get it for free if you are a beginner.

Salesforce Rollup Helper
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