Sammy Sosa Birthday Error Card

A Sammy Sosa birthday error card is a rare item. This baseball rookie card features a mistaken birth date. The corresponding error is missing. The inside of the card features a photo of Sammy and a message from his fans. A birthday card is an excellent way to celebrate this important day. But, before you buy one, you need to know what the mistake is and how you can rectify it.

The first error is that the card contains a wrong birthdate. The wrong birthday is printed on this card and there is no period after the INC. The date is a common mistake on these cards, and it is best to avoid them. The correct birthday is on the back of the card, while the error is on the front. However, you can always look at the card’s content and decide if you want to buy it.

An incorrect birthdate is a common mistake on a Sammy Sosa birthday card. An INC after his birthdate is incorrect. The rest of the card is correct. If you have a rare Sammy Sosa birthday error card, you may be able to get it for $125 to $150. If you have an older version, you can get the same card for even more money!

A rare error card of Sammy Sosa’s birthday is available on eBay. This particular error is on the DONRUSS SAMMY SOSA #489. This card has a mistake that can be corrected by the owner of the card. The card will be signed by Sammy Sosa and will have a certificate of authenticity. This card will be the most treasured gift ever received by the baseball fan!

The DONRUSS Sammy Sosa #489 is a rare error. Its birthdate is wrong. It has an INC after INC. The period is missing on the card. A fake Sammy Sosa birthday card will sell for four figures! It is a great gift for a baseball fan! There are also many other errors on cards. It is possible to find a fake in your local sports store.

A Sammy Sosa birthday error card is very rare. A DONRUSS Sammy Sosa card with an error is very rare. There is a problem with the birthdate. It has no period after INC. This is a major error on a sammy sosa birthday card. There are a few ways to spot an error card. The first one is by searching online for the card.

Another example is the DONRUSS Sammy Sosa #489 error card. It has a rare error on the card. The incorrect birthdate is INC rather than INC. In addition, the ‘Sammy Sosa’ name is too short for a person’s birthday. A good quality card will be worth the price. A great quality card will look good on a shelf and be appreciated.

A DONRUSS Sammy Sosa card with an error has a rare mistake on the front. The birthdate has no period after INC. A period should appear after the INC. Instead of INC, the date should read JULY. It says JULY. And that’s not a rare error. So, the DONRUSS SAMMY SOSA birthday card has an error on the front and a different one on the back.

The DONRUSS Sammy Sosa #489 has an error on the front. There is no period after INC. The date has the wrong birthdate. It should read: INC. Not INC. ‘JULY’. So, this card is rare. In any case, the other three examples are high-quality, authenticated. These cards are more desirable, as they have higher print numbers.

The 1990 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa card is not the most expensive but it’s not terribly difficult to find. Its design is simple but has an interesting image of Sosa in action. A Sammy Sosa birthday card is the perfect gift for any baseball fan, but it may be difficult to find the right one. Sosa’s rookie cards are hard to come by. Sosa’s birthday is just another day.

Sammy Sosa Birthday Error Card
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