Samuel Henry

Samuel Henry

Samuel Henry was born in Virginia in 1764 and moved to Baker’s Creek in Blount County Tennessee around 1775, setting aside land for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marysville even before having legal title to it.

Correspondence, journals and other materials documenting family life and work as a colonel of engineers in Egypt and Abyssinia as well as engineering contractor work in Colombia and Chile; including albumen prints.

Early Life and Education

Samuel Henry had numerous interests that ranged from politics, family life and business. He served as justice of the peace in Prescott Massachusetts while operating a general store and palmleaf hat business he also amassed an impressive collection of Egyptian books and manuscripts.

He was elected to both the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1769 and Continental Congress in 1774, serving as leader in Virginia militia during the revolution and serving as governor from 1776-1778 and again from 1784-1782.

He was also an abolitionist, serving on the board of New Iberia Free School. In his free time he enjoyed listening to smooth jazz music and bidding whist card games with the Delaware Shufflers; additionally he was an avid Philadelphia Eagles supporter.

Professional Career

As a former member of the Army Air Forces during World War II and later working as an automobile dealer. Later he also was an active rancher in Comal County, Texas and was known for buying cattle.

Sam loved traveling, family reunions, reading, theater and watching sports – particularly professional and college football and basketball – as well as listening to the symphony and dining with friends.

This collection consists of nine volumes documenting Samuel Henry Lockett’s various business and civic activities in early nineteenth-century Prescott, Massachusetts. These accounts highlight his duties as justice of the peace as well as real estate transactions in Prescott. Additional materials include correspondence with Cornelia Clark Lockett, their children, extended family members and journals/notes documenting his time working abroad as a civil engineer in Egypt and Abyssinia.

Achievement and Honors

Sam’s family is truly thankful for all he accomplished during his long and fulfilling life. They especially thank him for the love and devotion he showed his wife Marge during their 65 year partnership, during which they shared many hobbies together including being formidable bridge players together.

Sam was an active member of Bellefonte Boy Scout Troop 34 and earned 49 merit badges during his time there. For his Eagle Scout project, he designed, constructed, and installed a garden sign at Governor’s Gate Apartments in Bellefonte – an effort which earned him all five Eagle Scout stripes!

Sam also served on numerous committees at PSU, including the Internationalization Council and Diversity Action Committee. In 2015 he won the President’s Diversity Award for Faculty. Furthermore he is a board member of Broadcom Foundation; an organization dedicated to furthering science, technology, engineering and math research.

Personal Life

Samuel Henry epitomized the American Dream with his success as the owner and operator of S.H. Kress & Company variety stores and through his astounding philanthropy in giving away many paintings from his incomparable European painting collection to museums across the nation. Additionally, his life is notable for its rigorous hard work ethic and disciplined outlook.

Samuel was one of seven children, the youngest. He displayed precocious talent for literature, art, and foreign languages; at Harvard College where his older brother Henry taught German classes translating Faust while taking core subjects such as Rhetoric and Mathematics.

Correspondence among family, friends, and professional associates documents both his personal and professional life. Photographs taken of Egypt and Colombia (British Honduras) by him or friends document his travels there. He co-edited Songs of the People (1923-1939) alongside Charles Lundy from Northern Ireland which is one of the largest collections ever assembled from one district with numerous variants compiled into one large volume containing 690 folk songs with multiple variants from a single location.

Net Worth

Henry Samueli is a multimillionaire and co-founder of Broadcom Corporation, a semiconductor company. Additionally, he owns several other businesses and real estate assets and contributes generously to various charities around the world.

He is an established social media influencer and regularly collaborates with renowned personalities to expand his reach and audience. Additionally, he serves as an active mentor to other social media influencers to assist their growth and development.

He enjoys various hobbies and activities in his free time to relax and refocus himself while finding inspiration for new work projects. Currently single, he resides in Newport Beach, California.

Samuel Henry
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