Santikos New Braunfels Movie Theater

santikos new braunfels movie theater 47803

Santikos Entertainment, which is based in San Antonio has announced the opening of a new theater in New Braunfels. The new venue will replace Alamo Drafthouse cinema which was closed earlier in the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The theater has already been a hit with movie-goers in the area. But what’s next? Stay tuned to learn more about this new addition to the community.

Visitors will be welcomed to the renovated movie theater. It will show first-run movies, and have comfortable recliners. The theater is full-service, too, with a full bar and extensive menu. A popcorn machine that you can make at home will be available in the theater. The theater’s bar has been updated to offer 24 beers on tap, including Legacy Lager. This special lager will be produced by Freetail Brewery and will be served at the theater.

As well as providing unique entertainment, Santikos also has restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks. In addition, it offers a self-serve soda and popcorn machine, fresh food, and drink cup holders. The theater uses the most recent technology, including a state-of-the art sound system. With this technology, you’ll get a movie experience that’s unrivaled. The theater will open in September.

Santikos New Braunfels Movie Theater
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