Sascha Grammel fortune

Sascha Grammel is a German actor and writer. How rich is Sascha Grammel?

Comedian. Born on February 19, 1974 in Berlin, Germany. Sascha Grammel fortune is estimated at around 2 million euros.

Full name: Sascha Grammel
Siblings: Oliver Grammel
Sascha Grammel size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1992
Awards: Bambi in the Comedy category, German Comedy Award Best Newcomer.

What is Sascha Grammel’s net worth?
Sascha Grammel’s assets are currently € 2 million.

Sascha Grammel films and TV shows: The 7th dwarf, brilliant next to it, children ask – comedians answer, ask the mouse.
Books: The Hacke-Peter principle.
Does he play alongside: Mario Barth, Sebastian Reich, Bülent Ceylan, Benjamin Tomkins.

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Sascha Grammel fortune

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