School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard Chapter 1

School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard is a manga about a high school student who is assigned to make the school’s most beautiful girl fall in love with him. Unfortunately, he is unable to cope with the beauty, who is extremely self-contained. Fortunately, he is offered a job as her personal attendant. Although his initial reluctance is understandable, he soon finds that he can’t help himself and ends up becoming the overpowered beauty’s bodyguard.

After getting a job as a bodyguard at the school, Lin Yi meets some tough people. He overhears Dean Zhifeng having sex with his lover, and tells him about it. Dean Zhifeng promises to watch out for him. However, Mengyao starts puking, and she panics. She then takes Yushu’s advice and heads up the stairs.

Lin Yi is a talented martial artist who has a knack for attracting women. He is also proficient in Eastern Medicine. Unfortunately, the school’s dean, Zhifeng, is not a good person, and his friends have to deal with him. Luckily, his new job is more than enough to get his attention. He is loyal to his friends, and even helps them out for profit. He also shares his profits with his friends. He isn’t afraid to kill a few people he doesn’t like. He can change his tactics to suit the situation, and is a great friend.

After getting the job as a bodyguard, Lin Yi has to face many enemies. He battles with gangs, arrogant young masters, backstabbing corporate businesses, and even ancient sects. And to add insult to injury, he also has a cheat talisman. When his enemies attack him, he has the power to eliminate them. And he can also defeat his enemies with a sly move.

A school beauty’s personal bodyguard will protect her from danger in a series of adventures. As a bodyguard, Lin Yi will protect her friend against gangsters, wealthy families, and shady people. This includes the corrupt dean’s lover, the class’s most famous girl, and the class’s personal secretary. In this novel, you will meet the school’s gangsters and rich masters and even the ancient sects of the city.

A school beauty’s personal bodyguard will protect her from shady people and other dangers. In addition to protecting her, he will also protect her lover. The character has an impressive background in the martial arts. As a personal defender, he will have to fight both gangs and enemies. If he does, he will do everything in his power to protect his friend. He will also help her friends.

The school beauty’s personal bodyguard will help her protect the pretty miss. He will also be responsible for protecting her from shady characters. A school beauty’s personal bodyguard will be a person who is familiar with the ins and outs of the school. The character will have to have an innate sense of loyalty to protect the girl. It is crucial to keep your enemies from becoming friends with shady people.

The character’s personal bodyguard is called Old Lin. He is a member of the school’s student council. He will be in charge of the student’s security and the students’ well-being. He will also be responsible for the school’s reputation. In addition to protecting the girl, he will also be responsible for preventing mishaps. The school beauty personal guard will protect her from being abused.

The character’s personal bodyguard will help her protect the pretty miss at the school. The character’s first job is to make sure the girl’s safety. He will protect her and the other girls from harm. This is why the character is also a personal bodyguard. As a student, he will be the person she trusts the most and will protect her from the deceitful people. The character will also help her with her mission.

School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard Chapter 1
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