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The Net Worth of Cartoonist Scott Adams

Scott Adams is best known as the creator of Dilbert, one of the world’s most widely read comic strips. His unique brand of humor focused on management ideas, bosses, and cubicle life has had an enormous influence on many people’s attitudes about work and careers.

Newspapers across the country, including USA Today Network, have suspended Adams after his racist outburst last week. Adams misread a Rasmussen poll asking people whether they agreed with “It’s OK to Be White” as evidence of white supremacy and saw it as evidence that people disapproved with saying it is OK for people of European ancestry to remain White.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

As a young boy, Scott Adams had dreams of becoming a cartoonist; however, it was advised that it was unlikely he would succeed.

He pursued an education in economics at Hartwick College. This career path ultimately led him to Crocker National Bank and Pacific Bell where he gained valuable experience in corporate management and marketing.

From his experiences at work, Dilbert emerged in 1989. Today it appears in more than 2000 newspapers worldwide and is widely syndicated.

His art deconstructs the mundane aspects of workplace life, garnering him widespread appreciation. Additionally, he has published several books and written numerous articles covering an array of subjects.

Achievement and Honors

Chas Addams was an accomplished cartoonist renowned for his unique brand of black humor who sold his first sketch to The New Yorker in 1932 and went on to work there as a freelancer for more than fifty years.

Addams was known to take great interest in death and morbid topics throughout his career. This fascination could be found reflected in many of his cartoons.

He rose to international renown as a result of his macabre humor, inspiring television series and films as well as books, calendars, merchandise products etc. featuring his work.

Dilbert by Scott Adams remains one of the world’s most widely read cartoon strips and continues to provide entertainment in over 2,000 newspapers worldwide. Its humorous take on corporate management has remained relevant through technological advancement and changing workplace dynamics.

Personal Life

Charles Addams began drawing cartoons as a young boy and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist; therefore he dedicated much of his free time and effort to this endeavor.

After graduating high school, he studied fine arts at both the University of Pennsylvania and Grand Central School of Art in New York City before dropping out and beginning his career as a cartoonist.

He freelanced for The New Yorker magazine and other publishing offices, earning about $100 monthly (equivalent to around $1,800 in 2022 dollars).

Net Worth

Scott Adams, one of the world’s acclaimed cartoonists, boasts a net worth estimated to be $50 Million. This fortune has been amassed through the creation of Dilbert comic strip and other business ventures.

He is also the author of various satirical and business books, his sarcastic writing style is well-known worldwide and his Dilbert comic strip has been shown in 65 countries worldwide.

As a child, he was an avid reader and fan of Peanuts comics. At six, he started drawing his own comics; by eleven he won a drawing competition!

He was born in Windham, New York to parents of Scottish, English, German and Irish ancestry.

Scott Adams

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