Sebastian Marroquin fortune

Sebastián Marroquín is a Colombian architect, author and the son of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. How rich is Sebastian Marroquín?

Architect. Born on February 24, 1977 in Medellín, Colombia. Sebastián Marroquín fortune is estimated at around 50 million euros. Juan Escobar, his mother and his sister Manuela first fled to Mozambique, then traveled to Argentina on tourist visas, where they eventually stayed and became citizens of exile from their homeland, Colombia. Juan Pablo chose the name Sebastian Marroquín from the phone book and adopted it as his new name as he needed a new identity.

Bourgeois name: Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos
Parents: Pablo Escobar, Maria Isabel Santos
Spouse: María Ángeles Sarmiento (married 2003)
Sebastián Marroquín size: 1.75 m
Nationality: Colombian
His career began: 2000

What is the net worth of Sebastián Marroquín?
Sebastián Marroquín’s net worth is currently € 50 million.

Books: Pablo Escobar: My Father.
Is also often searched for: Gustavo Gaviria, Virginia Vallejo, El Chapo, Carlos Lehder Rivas.

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Sebastian Marroquin fortune

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