Seth Rogeran Houseplant Car Lighter

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Seth Rogen Houseplant’s car lighter is a tribute to his cannabis-loving friends. The weed-infused ashtray and lighter are designed to harken back to the days of the 1970s, when weed was not yet legal in many states. The lighter and ashtray are reminiscent of the late 1970s when pot was still considered taboo and smoking was frowned upon.

This elegant piece of weed smoking equipment has a marble base that features the titular illumination and a removable ashtray. The base includes a well for matches and grooves for striking matches. The houseplant car lighter comes with a matching ashtray set and 5 foot cord. The Ashtray Set was also designed by Seth and has a marble base and works with any standard lighter.

The Seth Rogeran Houseplant Car Lighter features a lush green marble base, a cord that extends out five feet, and is powered by a single AA battery. The lighter is inserted into the marble base, and pops up when it becomes hot. The marble is a natural product, so the activity and appearance may vary slightly from one piece to another. The Houseplant Car Lighter will not be returned.

The Houseplant Car Lighter is made of luxurious green marble. It works by a cord. Simply press your cigarette or cigar lighter into the base and wait for it to pop up. The marble will change in activity, and the color and style will vary. This item cannot be returned. It is an investment like most things in life. Use it responsibly. You’ll love your new, personalized Houseplant Car Lighter!

The Houseplant Car Lighter features a luxurious green marble base with a 5 foot cord. The lighter itself pops up when it becomes hot. While it is a great gift idea, make sure to check the size and color before purchasing. The Houseplant Car Lighting is a great choice if you are unsure which color to choose. This item is much cheaper than similar items on the marketplace.

The Houseplant Car Lighter can be used as a weed smoking station on your desktop. The marble base has a recessed, removable ashtray. Your matches are stored in a well. You’ll never have to worry about losing a match again with the oil lamp. The Seth Rogeran Houseplant Car Lighter will make you the envy of everyone you know. But, if you’re a weed smoker, the Houseplant is a must-have item for you!

The Seth Rogeran Houseplant Car Lighter is a beautiful gadget to put in your car. The stylish car lighter has a gorgeous marble base. It is also made from marble, which is a naturally occurring material. Marble is naturally active, so it will vary in its activity. It is a one-time sale and therefore is final. It is perfect for your car, but do not miss out on it.

The Houseplant Car Lighter features a green marble base. The lighter is powered by a cord with a 5 foot cord. The Houseplant Car Lighter can be operated by pressing a lighter into its base. It will pop up when hot. The marble will vary in its activity. The item is final sale. It cannot be returned. However, it will be a great addition to your car. It is a beautiful, functional gift that will complement any interior.

The Houseplant Car Lighter makes a great gift for car enthusiasts. The green marble base makes it a beautiful accessory for your car. Press a lighter into the marble base to make it light up. As the marble heats up, it will glow. Once it’s hot, the plant will bloom. If you like this unique piece of art, you will definitely enjoy it for a lifetime. The Seth Rogeran Houseplant Car Lighter is the perfect gift for any car lover.

Seth Rogeran Houseplant Car Lighter
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