Shakin ‘Stevens fortune

Shakin ‘Stevens is a Welsh singer and songwriter. He was the UK’s best-selling singles artist in the 1980s. How rich is Shakin ‘Stevens?

Singer. Born on March 4, 1948 in Ely, Cardiff, United Kingdom. Shakin ‘Stevens fortune is estimated at around 21 million euros. Impresario Paul “Legs” Barrett from South Wales noticed him and suggested that the band be repackaged under a new name as a rock and roll band with influences from the 1950s. Michael Barratt agreed to choose a stage name, so he chose Shakin ‘Stevens, based on his old school friend Steven Vanderwalker. His recording and performing career began in the late 1960s, although his commercial success didn’t start until 1980. His most successful songs were nostalgic hits that were reminiscent of the sound of rock’n’roll and pop of the 1950s.

Bourgeois name: Michael Barratt
Spouse: Carole Stevens (married 1967-2009)
Shakin ‘Stevens size: 1.77 m
Nationality: Welsh
His career began: 1968

What is Shakin ‘Stevens net worth?
Shakin ‘Stevens’ net worth is currently € 21 million.

Record labels: Epic Records.
Music genres: Rock and roll.
Debut studio album: A Legend (1070).
Is also often searched for: Alvin Stardust, Bonnie Tyler, Cliff Richard, David Essex.

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Shakin ‘Stevens fortune

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