Shannon Aikau Net Worth


Shannon Aikau is an American TV actor and bike builder. He has been seen in the History Channel’s show Counting Cars. The program follows the work of the owner of Count’s Kustoms, a bike shop in Las Vegas.

Early life 

Shannon was raised in Detroit, Michigan

Shannon has been a fan of vehicles from an early age. His father, Jimmy, taught him how to fix cars and bikes. From a young age, he began to tinker with bikes and became quite proficient at building bikes. At the age of six, he started to build his first Harley.

He moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in bike building. Since then, he has worked for Count’s Kustoms for over two decades. As part of his job, he has built some of the most unique bikes on earth.


An associate’s degree is held by Shannon Aikau.


He has always been a car and bike enthusiast, and because of his passion for both, he started building bikes as a career. He is likewise exceptionally partial to travels and is seen doing a ton of excursions with his companion.

Currently, Shannon works as the manager of Danny Koker’s bike shop.

Known for his amazing bike creations, Shannon is a fanatic about motorbikes and automobiles. His favorite bike is his wife’s ’62 Karmann Ghia. He recently built one for her. In an episode of Counting Cars, he showed the viewers the process of creating this car.

Shannon can be seen on the popular show Counting Cars, which is currently in its eighth season and was shot at Count’s Kustoms. He has built more than 300 bikes, each of which is a new, exciting, and unique experience.

Building bikes is an art form and a passion, according to Shannon. It has been passed down through builders and riders of all ages. causing the customer to smile as they take

their most memorable ride that is the focus of everything.

Net worth 

Shannon has a net worth of $1.2 million. However, his earnings are not known to the public.

Social media 

Despite a bleak social life, Shannon Aikau remains active on social media. He posts a lot of pictures on Instagram. With over ten thousand Instagram followers, he is a popular figure on the social networking site. He can be found on popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Personal life

In addition to building bikes, he is a family man. He has been with his wife for many years. Additionally, the two have two beautiful daughters. In any case, the customization geek is yet to uncover his significant other and youngsters. At this point, he dwells in Las Vegas with his loved ones.


In conclusion, Shannon Aikau has made a name for himself as an actor and bike builder. His creativity and unique style have enabled him to reach millions of fans around the world. Aikau set it all up and never thought back, climbing to become a lead manufacturer and supervisor of the bicycle shop. Aikau is praised by gearheads all over the world for his engineering and fabrication skills.

Shannon Aikau Net Worth
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