Shaq Apparel Is Not Just For Basketball Players

Shaq apparel is not merely for basketball players. Many men want to imitate the NBA star’s fashion sense. He has teamed up to launch a line for youth and men’s clothing with WB Sport, a sportswear company. Shaq’s line will include dress shirts, ties, and belts and will be available for less than $200 beginning September 13.

It is also important to consider the size of Shaquille’s shoes. He is a 22-year-old man who wears size 22 sneakers. His pants measure 54 1/2 inches around the outside seam. Shaquille O’Neal weighed 325 lbs in 2005. However, he was 12 feet 5 inches tall during pre-draft exercises. Shaq’s wingspan is ninety-four inches wide. This is a significant detail to consider, since the size of his sneakers could have a negative impact on his game.

O’Neal is also an avid collector of custom-made apparel. Gayles sits down with O’Neal to discuss his wardrobe before each season. The Miami Heat center likes to have new suits for his major events. Even when he’s traveling on the road, he likes to have new clothes to wear in the hotel. Gayles is responsible for picking up Shaquille’s clothing after Sunday festivities in Chicago. Gayles then sends it to Chicago where it is dry-cleaned and hung in O’Neal’s house.

Shaq Apparel Is Not Just For Basketball Players
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