Shaq Jordans

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“Shaq” is a basketball legend, a legend who became an instant phenomenon after signing a shoe deal with Reebok in 1992. He quickly established a reputation with Reebok and the five-year contract was worth 15,000,000 dollars in his rookie year. The Shaq Attack 1 through 4 were released during the 1990s. Throughout his career, Shaq played in numerous shoes. After a sneaker launch in Complex, the NBA star revealed his new sneaker line, Journey.

Shaq was so successful selling Jordans to another company because of their Jordan line. He was instrumental in bringing Shaq’s brand to a valuation of $600 million. In the end, he chose to sell his Jordan shoes to Walmart, hoping to keep them affordable for those who couldn’t afford them. Today, over 150 million pairs of Shaq Jordans have been sold. It is important to remember that Shaq’s success is a direct result his desire to help those less fortunate.

Shaq Jordans
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