Shaq Wearing Jordans

We’ve all seen Shaq wearing Jordans. But what is the story behind the brand? It all began when Shaq was drafted as one of the top picks in the NBA draft. The ad campaign by Nike for the shoe was so successful, Reebok and Shaq’s company, Reebok placed the sneakers in the same place as Michael Jordan merchandise in their storesfronts. As Shaq’s career flourished, Reebok and Nike decided to rebrand their brand and Shaq got on board.

Shaq’s Dunkman Logo was on all of his shoes. A life-size statue is even made in Los Angeles to celebrate his achievements. Reebok’s Shaq Attack 4 shoe has his Dunkman logo, as well as several other shoes he wore. Despite his success, Shaq has always been humble and grateful for it.

Nike and Reebok are both major basketball brands and Shaquille O’Neal has a history that goes back several decades. While Michael Jordan famously laced his Air Jordans in unusual ways, Shaq favored black laces on his white Shaq Attaq shoes. According to the Shaq Attaq legend, “black laces make the feet look smaller.”

The NBA legend is seven feet tall and weighed 300 lbs during his playing days. Yet, he still struggles with finding the right shoes. He even once soaked his cowhide shoes in hotwater to stretch them. He is now a 22-inch shoe because of this trick! You may be wondering, though, if he was ever wearing any size smaller than he is now.

After suffering from corns on his feet, Shaq switched to Converse sneakers after a season of basketball in Jordans. After wearing Jordans for the entire season, Shaq developed foot problems. He attributed it to a variety reasons. His mother told him it was shameful that his favorite shoes were $150. Shaq was inspired to donate his money and name to a change in sneaker manufacturing. Kids today don’t want cheap sneakers; they want style and performance. He came up with the idea for a new sneaker design called the “Whoel”.

In 1995, the Jordan XI sneaker was a hot topic. In the Eastern Conference semifinals, NBA star Ahmad Rashad showed off his shoes during a sideline report. The Bulls won the championship and Michael Jordan was awarded his second MVP award. The sneaker became an icon, making its name an unavoidable part of pop culture. If you are a Jordan fan, make sure to get one.

Shaq Wearing Jordans
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