Shaved Pekingese – How to Maintain a Shaved Coat

Shaved Pekingese are great for the beach, but how do you maintain a shaved coat? Whether you have a Pekingese with a short, wavy coat or a long, bushy one, the best way to maintain your pet’s hair is to groom it regularly. Regular trimming will keep your pet looking great and healthy.

Pekes are cute when shaved, but shaving their undercoat may not be the best option if they suffer from diabetes or cushing’s disease. In this case, you can opt for a longer, more luxurious cut like the #3 haircut. This style will leave a longer, fuller coat, while a snap on will leave various lengths, ranging from a few inches to a couple of inches. You can choose a shorter, more sanitary haircut for the sanitary areas. The #5/8 or #10 are options depending on the breed of your dog and how comfortable you feel shaving them.

Pekingese with long hair tend to be more popular among breeders and dog owners, but the shorter ones are great for retirees. Both types of coats give pets a youthful appearance, but they require a lot more maintenance. If you’re thinking about getting a Pekingese, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment and some training. It’s worth the cost if you can get it right. If you’re not confident enough to cut your pet’s hair, you can seek help from a professional.

It is easy to shave your Pekingese’s hair and keep them in a good shape. It doesn’t take a great deal of skill to get the job done, but if you want your pet to stand out from the crowd, you can opt for a lion cut. This haircut includes trimming the coat to half an inch in length at the back, sides, and the tummy, and leaving a little bit of hair at the end of the tail.

A Pekingese doesn’t grow back its thick coat if you repeatedly shave it. Besides, the extra fluff around your puppy’s body is helpful for insulating them in cold weather. It’s a good idea once a week to brush your Pekingese’s coat. This will remove any loose hair, prevent matting and keep your pet’s fur shiny.

People choose to shave their Pekes to improve their appearance. A pekingese’s fluffy coat is beautiful, but it requires special care. Pekingese shed a lot of their hair, which causes a problem with their matting. This video will show you how to trim your Pekes’ legs and feet at home. This video will help you to trim your Pekes’ feet and legs and keep them looking great.

Shaved Pekingese – How to Maintain a Shaved Coat
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