Shay Rowbottom Net Worth – The Queen of the Viral Video


Shay Rowbottom is a social media mogul and entrepreneur that has racked up quite the bill of fare. She is also the COO of Margle Media, a fast-growing social media marketing startup. In addition to running her own business, she has authored several best-selling e-books on the subject of video marketing, as well as an informative guide to generating leads with LinkedIn. Her net worth is undoubtedly a multiple-figure sum, as she is an avid traveler and has several philanthropic interests.

Early life 

Shannon Rowbottom was Shay Rowbottom’s first name. She was born on October 19, 1992, and she spent her childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has four sisters among her siblings.

Shay was raised in Wisconsin by an upper-middle-class family, and like other elite children, she received a top-notch education. Sadly, her rather affluent life was severely lacking in parental care.

Shay discusses narcissistic parenting openly and frequently cites her own experiences as examples on social media. Shay also revealed that she was abused as a child.

At the age of 18, Shannon left her family, changed her name to Shay, and worked as a prostitute to pay for her education. Her father eventually confronted her and saved her. Currently, this entrepreneur resides in Miami, Florida.


At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, she completed two years of her minor in music. Shay then made the move to Milwaukee and attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee for an additional year before withdrawing to pursue a career in music.


Shay began live performances following training at Milwaukee’s The Rave and a Chicago House of Blues concert. She was also making music videos and recording tracks at the time.

She discovered her passion for the creative process of video editing and production during this time. As a result, I ended up working at Milwaukee’s digital marketing agency Margle Media for almost three years.

Shay decided i016 to put her music career on hold after almost three years of unsuccessful endeavors. She started Margle, instead. Shay founded the company with her then-boyfriend Luke Marlowe and served as COO and co-founder.

Shay put in three more years to learn how to make viral content well. She experimented and learned how to make videos. To produce the best possible outcome, the procedure involved curating, licensing, and editing a wide range of video clips.

She continued to manage her staff and clients while gradually expanding the company’s scale as COO. Shay posted several videos to various blogs via social media. Her clients received billions of views from these videos.

She was confident in her ability to produce content that would garner significant online attention by 2018

Shay, on the other hand, concentrated on developing her LinkedIn identity and increased the number of people following her there to around 100,000.

Shay left Margle in December 2018 and established Shay Rowbottom Marketing. Her business model is based on providing companies with advice on how to succeed and thrive on social media. She also provides counseling on self-improvement and healing.

In August 2022, Shay talked about how her business was falling apart because she wasn’t organized and couldn’t handle the extra work that came with the huge growth of the company. 

It would appear that Shay has put off creating new content.

Net worth 

The precise amount of Shay Rowbottom’s current wealth is unknown, but it is estimated to be between $2 million and $10 million.

Entrepreneurs like Shay saw their wealth steadily rise as their businesses expanded. She talked about recent posts she made to Facebook about how she got the equivalent of $3 million in inbound messages.

Social media 

Shay spends a lot of time online. She has 782,610 followers on LinkedIn. Additionally, she actively engages her audience on Facebook, where she has approximately 25,000 followers, and Instagram, where she has approximately 14,600 followers.

Additionally, Shay Rowbottom has a Twitter handle, but she hasn’t used it much since 2019. Additionally, she has three YouTube channels. In August 2013, she launched her main channel, which now has approximately 5,590 subscribers.


Luke Marlowe, whom Shay first met in 2015, was her boyfriend for approximately four years. He taught her how to make and edit videos in addition to being an entrepreneur and videographer. Together, they began working on Margle Media from their apartment.


Shay Rowbottom has emerged as the queen of viral videos. Indeed, she is responsible for a handful of viral hits that have made headlines in the world of social media. One such video, in particular, went on to be shared over 50 million times on Facebook. As for the rest of her impressive oeuvre, she focuses her attention on building her brand and helping her clients do the same.

The Shay Rowbottom aficionado is a savvy entrepreneur who teaches others to emulate her successes


In conclusion, Shah Rowbottom has made a name for herself as a social media personality. Shay Rowbottom is the brains behind Margle Media, She started as a rapper and auditioned for American Idol. During her time at the helm of a marketing agency, she cultivated her talent for creating eye-catching promotional video content.

She has accumulated plenty of tips and tricks to share with other marketers and entrepreneurs. From this experience, she distilled the information into a series of e-books that help business owners generate more leads, and subsequently more sales.

Shay’s decision to take a break and gather her thoughts before returning to try again demonstrates her wisdom.

Shay Rowbottom Net Worth – The Queen of the Viral Video
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