Shih Tzu Breeders in GA

Looking for shih tzu breeders in GA? These beautiful dogs can be found in a variety of places. In the state of Georgia, you can find Dixidew Shih Tzu, which specializes in healthy Shih Tzu puppies for sale throughout the southeast. In addition to breeding healthy puppies, they also regularly attend dog shows, allowing them to get a new perspective on the Shih Tzu breed.

You can also check out local newspapers and visit some breeders in person. You can also ask questions about the breeding program and learn about the puppies’ temperaments. You can also request a copy the contract between the buyer and the breeder. If you’re still not satisfied with the results of your search, move on to the next breeder. If you’ve found several promising candidates, contact the animal control agency in your area to see if they’re registered with the AKC.

Aside from being a wonderful pet, Shih Tzu puppies are also great show animals. These dogs are loyal and affectionate pets. They make great pets. They are playful and curious, and they are very easy to train. They are great for apartment living and will not be happy in outdoor kennels. However, they do enjoy the company of humans and will sit on your lap no matter where you go. Another factor to keep in mind is their sensitivity to heat. Their flat noses prevent air from cooling their lungs. Shih Tzus thrive in well-ventilated areas. If you do not have a good ventilation system in your apartment, they will suffer heatstroke, so it is important to find a breeder with experience in raising and showing these adorable dogs.

While Shih Tzus are naturally friendly and affectionate, they can be timorous if they don’t have early socialization. They thrive around their family and those who show them love. They are not good at chasing small animals and they can be stubborn and will bark at strangers. They don’t need a lot of exercise despite their outgoing personality. They love to snuggle with their owners on the couch and are fond of soft pillows and beds.

It is recommended to bathe your Shih Tzu every three days, and brush its coat on a daily basis. Aside from daily bathing, a regular brushing and a dipping in the doggie bath will keep its beautiful fur looking healthy. While bathing and grooming a Shih Tzu is not difficult, it does require regular grooming. If you don’t feel comfortable bathing and combing, you can use a professional dog groomer to take care of it for you.

Southern Magnolia is another reputable Shih Tzu breeder in Georgia. They offer a wide range of Shih Tzu puppies in a variety sizes and colors, as well as rare breeds. If you’re looking for a purebred Shih Tzu, you can bring $3,000 to purchase the puppy. The dog’s pedigree will be provided along with AKC registration. Lisa will make sure the puppy is healthy.

Shih Tzu Breeders in GA
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