Shinra – Shinrabansho-Man

In his new form, Shinra exhibits a unique blend of power and speed. His explosive kicks can sever limbs or completely destroy the core of an Infernal. He can also lift large objects high in the air with his powerful kicks. His lightning fast feet allow him to alter his trajectory mid-air. This allows him to repeatedly attack and use multiple kicks.

Shinra is a hero whose heroism and courage were forged by his traumatic past. As a result, he entered the Special Fire Academy and Special Fire Company 8 to fulfill his promise to his mother. Throughout his life, he has been relentlessly seeking out information about his family. He has also fought against the demon Charon and has never stopped fighting for the Fifth pillar.

In the manga, Shinra’s new form is called the Shinrabansho-man. His body is composed of an extremely tough, durable material. He is capable of surviving multiple attacks by his brother, as well as blunt-force trauma. He also resists attacks from Charon, the demon god who is able to transform kinetic energy into thermal energy. He can also warp the reality itself using this power.

Shinra’s new form is inspired by the twelve years of rumors that have permeated the manga. Shinra uses the Tiger Sign to fight his brother, Sho. In a sparring match, Shinra avoids the use of his unsheathed blade, and he is almost caught by surprise by his own Tiger hand-sign. As a reward, he gains the Divine Protection and apologizes to Iris for his actions.

Shinra is a powerful Third Generation pyrokinetic. He can ignite flames with his feet, and leaves footprints on the ground in the shape of a person’s feet. He is also resistant to external flames and possesses a high level of resistance against them.

Shinra’s abilities make him a perfect warrior. His abilities have been honed over the course of his life. He has used his power to fight crime and save innocent lives. As a result of these abilities, Shinra has gained great respect. This makes him a hero in the anime world.

Shinra – Shinrabansho-Man
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