Should I Kill Kleon Or Help Brasidas in World of Warcraft?

Gamers often debate whether to kill Kleon or aid Brasidas. After all, both options offer similar rewards. You can quickly kill Kleon and earn 31,375XP. On the other hand, you can spend more time protecting Brasidas and trying to kill the cultisters who are trying to destroy him. We’ll talk about Kassandra’s motivations later.

Before you start the battle, the civilian who attends the meeting will inform that Brasidas is still alive and fighting in Amphipolis. You must defeat the cultist and fight your enemies in Amphipolis to reach Kleon. Next, join Brasidas and the Athens fight. After you’ve defeated Athens, Deimos makes an appearance, landing a lethal attack on Brasidas. As you fight him, the two heroes talk about Pylos, a city in the heart of Greece.

You should kill Kleon first if you decide to kill him. You may also choose to save your own life by killing Kleon. The player’s character will have a symbol on his head, so try to kill him while you’re still alive. However, it’s important to note that the player shouldn’t be blamed for the death of Brasidas. If you kill the mercenary, you’ll receive an artifact fragment, so that you can use it to make a better decision.

After killing Kleon, you’ll find another objective marker. Now, you must kill Commander Rhexenor. The cultist will tell you to kill him in order to tarnish his reputation. Then, return to Perikles’ house to talk to Sokrates. He’ll ask you if you should help him kill Kleon, or if you should help him.

Should I Kill Kleon Or Help Brasidas in World of Warcraft?
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