Siberian Mice – The World’s Most Intelligent Mouse

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If you’ve ever wondered how Siberian mice are able to live so long in such a small space, you’re not alone. This small rodent breed is often called the ‘world’s most intelligent mouse’, thanks to its extraordinary memory. Its white, enamelled fur is actually a different color from that of its grey-white counterpart. In fact, some scientists think that their white coats reflect their white enameled fur, which is why they’re so admired by many people.

Whether it’s the countless thousands of scientific advances that mice have made in recent years, or the scientific discoveries that scientists have made, it’s no surprise that they’ve become icons in their own right. They have been used for simple analogues to human anatomy and function for more than 15,000 years. Today, they are used for research in everything, from cancer to space travel. Indeed, they’ve been the go-to animal for many biomedical researchers, and their versatility makes them an invaluable asset in research. The Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Cytology and Genetics is the first branch of the Academy that was dedicated to genetics. It was actually created four years after the discovery and publication of DNA.

Siberian Mice – The World’s Most Intelligent Mouse
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