Silbermond fortune

Silbermond is a German rock band from Bautzen, Saxony. The band members originally met in 1998 while participating in the Ten Sing music project. How rich is Silbermond?

Pop rock band. Silbermond was founded in Bautzen, Germany. Silbermond fortune is estimated at around 8 million euros. In January 2004 the group got the chance to support the singer Jeanette Biedermann. Then they released their first single “Mach’s dir sich”, followed by their debut album “Verschwende Your Time”, which was a great success and was finally awarded 7 times gold and platinum in Germany and Austria. In 2005, Silbermond took part in the Berlin episode of Live 8, where they performed “Time for Optimists” after the set of Green Day and before Chris De Burgh in the concert cast.

Members: Stefanie Kloß, Andreas Nowak, Johannes Stolle, Thomas Stolle.
Nationality: German
His career began: 1998

What is the net worth of Silbermond?
Silbermond’s assets are currently € 8 million.

Record labels: Waste your time Columbia Records.
Music genres: Pop-rock, German rock, pop.
Debut album: Waste Your Time (2004).
Is also often searched for: Christina Stürmer, July, Rosenstolz, Gunslinger.

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Silbermond fortune

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