Sinking City – How to Tell If Your Partner is an EOD Or a Cavendish

Identifying a thief, liar, or cavendish is not always an easy task. This article will show you how to identify cavendish, poison cabinet and liar characters in the game. You may even come across the latter two in the same game! Read on to find out how to tell if your partner is an eod or a cavendish!

Identifying a cavendish

Before you can begin the game, you must know who the saboteurs are: EOD and Cavendish. The former is the leader of the organization and wants to destroy Reed, while the latter is an outcast who has no interest in the cause of the sinking city. EOD is far more dangerous than the similarities between them. The latter is an anti-social psychopath, and has the intent of using violence to get rid of his rivals.

To progress, you will need to find a variety of objects. The Mind’s Eye can be used to examine things like soap. It can also help you unlock a trace to Professor Westerbrook’s office. Eventually, the Mind’s Eye will lead you to the poison room, where you can identify Cavendish as the poisoner. The last item you need to find is the key to George Cavendish’s office.

Your choices will determine whether you help Anna or Cavendish. Taking the second option will help you complete the game quicker. By killing Cavendish, you will trigger the second phase of the game, which begins with the Mind Palace. This room will provide you with a number of clues that will help you deduce George’s sabotage.

Identifying a Thief

The Sinking City is a mystery detective game that combines the horror of the 20’s with the atmosphere of modern day. You must solve the mystery surrounding a mysterious flood that decimated Oakmont, Massachusetts. As you investigate the city, you must uncover the secrets that are keeping the inhabitants in fear. The game has some flaws, however.

Identifying a thief is a tricky task in the sinking city. The city is noisy and has disturbing visions. Reed isn’t comfortable standing still so he always has a sidearm near his temple. While scrounging for clues, he tries to avoid being observed and always keeps his sidearm close to his temple.

This case is a good example of an ancient family known as the Carpenters. Identifying a thief in The Sinking City can be a challenging task, so it’s important to be patient. In addition to finding clues and locating the thief, you can also find clues in the game’s Mind Palace. In the end, you’ll be able to piece together the case and decide what to do with the rest of the Carpenter family.

Luckily, the game does take its inspiration from the works of Lovecraft, even though he was a racist. Sinking City draws its inspiration from Innsmouth, which is a well-known Lovecraftian town. Oakmont’s characters have a problem with Innsmouthers, despite the racist theme.

Identifying a liar

Identifying a sinking city helps you decide if Anna is a benefactor or a dangerous psychopath. Anna’s locked closet contains many fancy dresses. She tells the player to go meet Maurice in the Fish Market basement, but three men attack him as he tries to get to the fish market. You will find the note in the basement that EOD wants to kill Reed.

Breaking the lock in the room where Professor Cavendish resides is the key to finding the clue. You can find this information at City Hall. The Advent district houses the City Hall Archive. A copy of the professor’s fact sheet is also available. You will need to visit his home and find the address of his mansion. Once you have all three clues, you will receive the trophy for siding with Cavendish.

If you combine these deductions, you will be able to unlock the other one: undermining EOD or helping the city. Both choices have small consequences, but the rewards can be huge. You will have made a good decision for Anna and the city and you will be rewarded. You’ll then find out what the next step is.

Identifying a benefactor

It is difficult to find a benefactor for a city that is sinking. Not all characters will be equally helpful. In this case, the player will have to choose between Anna and Cavendish. Cavendish will let you into his storage, while Anna can help you find the benefactor. You can then use the note to attack Cavendish.

In order to unlock the deduction, you must combine a few different deductions. You can use the deductions to help Anna, or to undermine EOD. You can also use the deductions for Anna and the city. Both options have small consequences, but they offer similar rewards. In this game, you can also use deductions to decide whether to help Anna or cavendish. You can help EOD or cavendish at the end, but these choices are not very important.

There are many different types of clues for EOD. The first clue comes from the note left outside the door. The second clue is from a note left on Professor Westerbrook’s desk. It refers to “a note describing his complaint regarding the deteriorating office” and threatens to return to the building if it isn’t fixed.

In addition to the cryptic notes that were buried by the poisoned corpse, the benefactor left a spare key in Professor Westerbrook’s office. George Cavendish made the key using a bar soap. The clues he left are all linked, leading to a deduction about the poison thief.

Sinking City – How to Tell If Your Partner is an EOD Or a Cavendish
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