SIU Carbondale Expands Saluki Express Service

siu carbondale expands saluki express service 47547

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is expanding its use for the Saluki Express. It was previously available only in Carbondale. The Rides Mass Transit District (RMTD) will now provide the bus service as of mid-June. Students will have access to routes in southern Illinois via the Saluki Express, which also serves St. Louis and Evansville. RMTD has been a major provider of public transportation throughout the region.

The Saluki Express will still serve Carbondale and will offer free service for SIU students and employees. Rides Mass Transit District, which is part of an intergovernmental agreement with University of Illinois at Carbondale operates the service. Riders will need to pay $1 per ride and the fare at boarding. The Saluki Express will provide free service to Carbondale’s campus and also serve Carbondale-area businesses as well as other areas.

The Saluki Express offers reliable transportation throughout Carbondale. It has a variety routes that can be used to help students and commuters get to campus. The academic year routes begin four days prior to the start of the fall semester, and the Break Route operates when school is not in session. The system is not accessible on weekends or holidays, so students should ride the Saluki Express rather than drive. Students can ride the bus to school, class or any other event, even if it stops only a few blocks away from campus.

The Saluki Express route has two stops: Chicago, Illinois and Carbondale, Illinois. This morning commuter train service provides WiFi, business class seating, and WiFi. It crosses the Midwest, with small towns in between. It departs both cities at 8:15 am and is available multiple times per day. Because of its frequent departures and arrivals, passengers can customize their ride to the time that is most convenient.

SIU Carbondale Expands Saluki Express Service
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