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SKULabs has a robust list of suppliers that enable you to purchase items from multiple providers. Each supplier has its own product catalog so you can buy the same item from multiple suppliers. You can add new suppliers easily by clicking on the Suppliers tab on the Purchasing page and then selecting Add Supplier. Next, enter basic information about the supplier such as contact information and shipping details. After you have entered the information, you can automate purchase order by selecting the supplier and any optional defaults the supplier may have.

SKULabs streamlines the order fulfillment process and gives you a complete view of your inventory. The software can integrate with dozens of sales channels and can automatically compare shipping rates. It also lets you add new team members to your company, and allows you to sync all data with multiple accounts. SKULabs is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere. So, no matter where you are, you can access all your data from any device.

SKULabs allows you to create kits, which consist of one or more items. These can be fulfilled on a single line on an order. They cannot be contained inside other kits. You can also create a relationship between a sales channel listing and a stock item in SKULabs. You can link as many listings you like, provided you import all your products and sales channels into SKULabs.

The three main tabs of the SKULabs software are the Processing tab and Shipped tab. The Processing tab lets you fulfill pending orders, i.e., orders that have been paid for through various sales channels, but have not yet been shipped. It also regularly checks sales channels for processing orders, so that you can see the status of your orders and fulfillment. This is extremely useful when you have a large number of pending orders that need to be filled.

The SKULabs system allows you to sync the “free” quantity with sales channels. The warehouse stock is used to calculate the “free” quantity. This stock is subtracted from any stock that is reserved for open orders. This sync can be adjusted per listing and store. This is especially useful for preorder management, where you need to ensure you have enough stock. You can adjust the settings and filter to set the amount of stock you want for your products.

SKULabs Help
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