SolidWorks Help Menu Missing

solidworks help menu missing 39227

Solidworks help menu missing problems? You’re not the only one. This problem affects a large number of SolidWorks users. These steps will help you to fix the problem. These are the steps to restore SolidWorks’ help menu. You’ll want to follow these steps carefully. After you’ve completed these steps, your SolidWorks help menu should be back in business.

If you can’t locate the Help menu, you can check the Help section online. The online help is extensive, written well, and updated regularly. It covers each command in detail, and includes video tutorials, examples, and hyperlinks to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. If the help menu is not there, you can always visit the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for additional assistance. However, if the help menu is missing, you may need to visit your computer’s support center.

SolidWorks Help Menu Missing
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