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If you’re using Spiceworks for your help desk, you should probably consider Spiceworks alternatives to improve your customer service. You may have your own wish list of features, so you should be able to find a Spiceworks alternative that will meet your needs. Spiceworks alternatives should include robust ticket administration if you are interested in improving customer experience and ticket management. And as always, if you’re looking for a help desk alternative that is easy to use, make sure to check out our detailed review of Spiceworks.

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Spiceworks is a free software that can be used to manage your help desk. Read on to find out how it works and if you should use it. Spiceworks is a free program that can be used to create basic help desks. However, there are some drawbacks to Spiceworks. For example, you cannot route tickets to a specific team or sub-service desk. Another drawback is that you cannot manage tickets from different teams, and you may need to invest in other software to do this. Spiceworks also offers a community-driven community.

Spiceworks is a free tool but there’s a catch! It requires users to view advertisements inside the help desk tool, and they will also receive promotional emails from technology companies. Although this seems like a small price to pay, it is well worth the benefits it offers. It’s also easy to use and offers plenty of options. Spiceworks has its own cons, which you should be aware of before you sign up.

The tool also includes a data table that allows you to combine ticket information and survey data. The tool can also include a delimiter, which separates the answer files. The delimiter should be something that your users won’t be typing; it will make it easier to import the answer file to your analysis software. You may want to try different formats for your feedback questions. You can start by using the free version to see how it works before you invest in the paid version.

Before you send your survey out to customers, ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed the questions. If possible, ask some employees to review the survey questions. This way, you won’t accidentally send out a survey that has typos or questions that aren’t clear. You will also avoid misunderstanding the needs of your users. It is important to make sure that all the questions are clear and easy to understand. This will ensure that your company receives valuable responses.


Another useful feature is the Help Desk mobile app. This app sends push notifications to mobile devices and provides the latest updates on tickets. This is not a common thing for a tool that provides this service for free. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as tablets and iPads. The Help Desk mobile app is available on the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes store. There are also paid add-ons for the Help Desk mobile app, but the free version does not include these features.

HTML code is required to add a customer thermometer into Spiceworks. It’s okay if you don’t know HTML code, but it is necessary to create a custom form. To do this, log into Customer Thermometer and click “Embedded thermometers.” You can then paste the HTML code into the form. Spiceworks will display the survey results along with the ticket information.

Spiceworks’ Help Desk dashboard has a highly customizable user interface. It displays key metrics and statistics such as labor statistics, open and closed tickets, and other key metrics. You can easily assign roles to agents and restrict access to some information. You can also create custom fields to build a customized user portal. And, unlike other help desk solutions, Spiceworks is free for all users. You don’t have to pay a dime to use this product, so you should consider it.

If you’re looking for a help desk software solution that is both powerful and affordable, Spiceworks is the way to go. With over 600 Zapier integrations, this help desk software can be used by small and medium-sized organizations. Spiceworks is free and you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription. Only a few hours of setup time is required. The help desk software can be installed on your server.

Help desk software can help you improve customer satisfaction and lower service costs. It allows you to track key performance indicators and metrics to identify best practices and areas for improvement. You can track average ticket response times to make improvements in agent productivity and customer satisfaction. If you have a high-quality help desk solution, it will increase customer satisfaction and boost employee morale. It will also reduce the number of support tickets that you receive.


You should be familiar with the expectations of Spiceworks Help Desk Survey. This tool has many great features, but there are also some serious flaws. In this article, we will discuss some of the downsides of Spiceworks and some of the best alternatives available today. This article will also discuss how to use a third-party integration. Once you know how to use a third-party integration, you can create a customized survey using the tool.

There are two kinds of help desk surveys: transactional and relationship. Transactional surveys are sent after a specific interaction. These surveys are sent after a support ticket has been closed. They are intended to gauge a customer’s satisfaction. Relational surveys, on the other hand, do not tie the customer’s satisfaction to a particular interaction. They measure overall satisfaction, rather than one particular transaction. It is important to remember that your customers’ data is confidential. Spiceworks help desk surveys should be complemented with other data.

A help desk survey should also provide insight into customer satisfaction. Your help desk must provide excellent customer service. These surveys will provide valuable information to IT managers and help justify additional budgets. By comparing these two metrics, you can determine the best way to improve your customer service and increase customer satisfaction. With a help desk survey, you can get insights into what your customers want and need, and improve your services accordingly.

Employees who are unable to solve their problems will not be productive at their jobs. This will affect the overall efficiency of a company. Ultimately, this will affect your company’s bottom line. A help desk must be well-equipped with technology knowledge, great people skills, and a drive to get the job done quickly. A better help desk will ultimately make your employees more productive, happier, and empower employees to provide a better customer experience.


Customer satisfaction is one of the key KPIs for a help desk survey. This metric measures customer satisfaction by determining how many surveys a company sends out to customers and how many are completed. It is essential to have sufficient sample size to draw meaningful conclusions from the survey. Early-stage startups might find it difficult to collect a large enough sample size. But once the data is gathered, KPIs can be used to assess overall performance.

The information gathered from the help desk survey will give insight into the type of interactions that are working for your customers. If you’ve been focusing on addressing the needs of customers via email or live chat, this information can help you improve your customer service and retention rates. You can create a proactive plan to improve customer service and satisfaction by identifying what works. Here are some suggestions for calculating KPIs for your help desk survey:

Identify the KPIs you’ll use to monitor the effectiveness of your help desk software. For instance, if you’re aiming to improve customer satisfaction, a KPI for your help desk tool should include the time taken to resolve each ticket. The more detailed a customer’s complaint or question is, the better it will be for your customer service. By measuring your customer satisfaction with a survey, you’ll get a better idea of how to improve your customer service.

A good service desk dashboard should also measure the quality of customer support. KPIs should focus on customer satisfaction, customer experience, service levels, and customer satisfaction. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, these metrics should also be used to measure the success of your operations. When you measure these metrics, you’ll know what to improve, and you’ll see your customer service metrics improve! Take some time to look at the examples and then make your own.

The Spiceworks Help Desk software includes a Knowledge Base that stores answers to frequently asked questions. The software also includes a User Portal that allows you to track all tickets. Spiceworks Help Desk mobile app works on both Android and iOS devices so that your team can stay connected, even while on the move. Spiceworks offers a free trial version if you are concerned about privacy or security. Every user has a free trial, so you can start right away.

Spiceworks Help Desk Survey
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