Spinone Doodle

The Spinone doodle is a lively, intelligent, and affectionate dog that needs regular grooming. While he is friendly and easy to take care of at home, this energetic dog needs regular professional grooming and will cost around PS80-90 per month. You can easily train him yourself or hire a dog groomer to help you with the task. Its typical daily maintenance requires daily brushing, trimming, and ear cleaning.

The Spinone is thought to have traces of the Greek Setter and the Russian Pointer. It is thought that the Greek setters were brought to the Roman Empire and crossed with Italian dogs. Italians believe that the Spinone was later derived from the German Wirehaired Pointer, the Pudelpointer, and the Wirehaired Pointer. But there is no definite answer as to how the Spinone came to be bred.

The Spinone is a robust and handsome dog, with long, elongated head and a pointed, Roman-style nose. Their eyes are described as “human-like” and they are often distinguished by a squat nose. Their ears are carried low and horizontally. The Spinone has a stout and muscular body. If it were an actual person, it would have a long tail that hangs straight down.

The Italian Spinone looks like an old-fashioned grandfather but is a playful hunting machine. While youngsters can be restless, adults are laid-back. You should exercise and socialize the dog daily. The Italian Spinone doodle has many different personalities and needs. For example, young Italian Spinoni can be restless and need plenty of exercise. This dog breed also needs early socialization to thrive. While it may not be the most affectionate dog, it will be affectionate and playful around its family.

The Spinone doodle’s ancient blood line traces back to the Ancient Romans. The breed originated in the Piedmont region of Italy and is thought to be the oldest known gun dog. Though Spinone origins are unknown, most breeders agree that the Italian Spinone originated in the Piedmont area. And the Italian Spinone was one of the first pointing dogs to be bred. The name Bracco Spinoso, which means “prickly pointer,” is still used to describe the breed.

Spinone Doodle
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