St Gregory School Phoenix, AZ, Is a Catholic Day School

The Catholic day school St. Gregory School offers preschool through eighth grade education. This school has 380 students and provides academic excellence as well as religious formation in a Catholic environment. The school’s faculty is committed to helping each student achieve their ultimate goal of becoming an active follower of Christ. Students are encouraged to learn about the Catholic faith, practice spirituality, and give back to their community. Students are encouraged to take part in community service projects, in addition to academics.

Founded in 1891, St. Gregory School is an independent school located in Phoenix, Arizona. The school has approximately 350 students and an average class size is fourteen. The school’s 37-acre campus includes a 370-seat theatre, science and technology center and band room. There are also soccer fields, a fabrication lab, and a science and technology center. It is the only school in Southern Arizona accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.

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St. Gregory School strives to work with parents and foster children’s spiritual and emotional growth. Families are the primary educators of their children, and the faculty and staff of St. Gregory School Phoenix understand this responsibility and recognize the role of parents in raising their children in a Catholic environment. They also work with parents and incorporate Catholic values in daily life. The Catholic education that St. Gregory School offers is essential to the development of any child.

St Gregory School Phoenix, AZ, Is a Catholic Day School
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