State of Decay 2 Hostile Enclave Asking For Help? Here’s What to Do

Are you being asked for help by a hostile State of Degradation 2 enclave? This can be very serious. These hostile enclaves can shoot you at first glance and will disband your group if you join them. There are some simple things you can do that will make your life easier.

First, you can use the radio to volunteer your services. This will allow you to locate followers, loot items and even call in airstrikes. Radio is a great communication tool that can be used for all purposes and can prove to be a valuable tool in the game. It can be used to communicate with other players, teleport yourself from a clipping glitch, or call for airstrikes.

Another option is to join a community, but be prepared to spend some time figuring out the details. You can easily get along with other players. This can mean that you can make friends with other players in some communities. You can always ask for assistance from friendly communities if you aren’t comfortable with the idea. You will gain more influence if you interact with other players. This way, you’ll be able to recruit more members and bolster your community.

Once you’re well acquainted with the rest of the community, you can start interacting with them. By helping out, you’ll gain Influence, which will earn you more influence and can even reward you with a useful item. You will be more trusted if you are friendly with the enclaves. This is essential to survive in a game like State of Decay 2.

Time management is key to survival in State of Decay 2. You must differentiate between important locales and less important scavenging locations. A good way to get resources is to scale Survey Points. These are high points in the world, and they often contain resources. Climbing these high points can help you heal. This will allow you to access more resources and improve your overall game performance.

Random NPCs will often radio for help. This will come in handy when you’re in need of painkillers, meds rucksacks, or even zombie protection. It’s a good idea to help your neighbors, as it will earn you Influence points. If they need help or supplies, survivors usually start as Neutrals. However, you can choose to be Friendly with them or ally with them. Likewise, allied neighbors may bring survivors with survival supplies.

State of Decay 2 Hostile Enclave Asking For Help? Here’s What to Do
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