Stefan Kretzschmar fortune

As the son of Peter Kretzschmar, a legendary handball player and coach of the GDR, and Waltraud Kretzschmar, a former handball player of the GDR and Olympic medalist in silver (1976) and bronze (1980), he was a three-time Olympic participant and Olympic silver medalist in the GDR in 2004. He is known for its many tattoos and piercings. He ended his active career on July 14, 2007 and currently lives in Magdeburg, Germany, where he continues to work for the local handball club SC Magdeburg. How rich is Stefan Kretzschmar?

Former handball player. Born on February 17, 1973 in Leipzig, Germany. Stefan Kretzschmar fortune is estimated at around 2.5 million euros.

Bourgeois name: Stefan Kretzschmar
Spouses: Maria Linares
Children: Lucie-Marie Kretzschmar, Elvis Ernesto
Stefan Kretzschmar Size: 1.90 m
Weight: 95 kg
Nationality: German
His career began: 1991
Career end: 2007
Stefan Kretzschmar salary: 400,000 DM (2001).

What is the net worth of Stefan Kretzschmar?
Stefan Kretzschmar’s assets are currently € 2.5 million.

Books: Different than expected, helluja! Why handball is absolutely amazing
Position: Left winger.
Is also often searched for: Henning Fritz, Franziska van Almsick, Pascal Hens, Heiner Brand.

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Stefan Kretzschmar fortune

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