Stefon Diggs’ Four-Year, $104 Million Contract

If you’re looking for the details on Stefon Diggs’ new four-year, $104 million contract, this article is for you. Continue reading to find out the average annual salary, signing bonus and restructure option for this new deal. Diggs is among four NFL receivers with $100 million contracts. This contract makes Diggs one of the most valuable wide receivers within the league. But is it worth the money?

Stefon Diggs’ new four-year, $104 million contract extension

The Buffalo Bills announced that Stefon Diggs, wide receiver, has been signed to a $44 million extension to his contract. Diggs’ new deal guarantees him $70 million over the next three years, with the option to extend for two more seasons. Diggs’ new contract also includes a $21.5 million signing bonus. Diggs was originally signed for three years at $75 million, but the Bills decided that a bloated fourth year would be ineffective. Therefore, they decided to add another year at $25 million to keep the contract functional, and added another year at the same salary.

The New Four-Year, $104 Million Contract Extension

A contract extension for a wide receiver is a solid move for any team, especially one as young as Buffalo is. Stephon Diggs has already proven himself in his two-year tenure with the Bills, earning his first Pro Bowl appearance and first-team All-Pro honors in 2020 and 2021. Diggs is expected to continue to develop under new quarterback Josh Allen. Diggs and Allen are one of the best quarterback-receiver combinations in the NFL. Hopefully, this relationship will only grow in the coming seasons. The Bills can rest assured that Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are on the same page.

Stefon Diggs’ contract was extended by the Buffalo Bills for a further four years. The four-year extension also includes a $21.5million signing bonus and $70,000,000 guaranteed money. Diggs’ new contract extension with Buffalo is a great use of the salary cap. To increase their receiver depth, the Bills signed Von Miller, another tight-end.

Average annual salary of Stefon Diggs

The Buffalo Bills have made the most out of Stefon Diggs’ contract in recent years. He has been a key player for the team the past two seasons, and was necessary to fill the gap left by Josh Allen’s extended contract. The Bills signed him to a massive contract extension for four more years, making him a lock to stay with the team for the next six seasons.

Stefon Diggs earns money as a brand ambassador, in addition to his NFL salary. His first deal with the Minnesota Vikings reportedly earned him $2.5 million. During his first year with the Vikings, he signed an exclusive four-year deal with the club that was worth around $2.5 million. In 2018, he signed a five-year, $72 million contract with the Buffalo Bills, which will pay him $14 million annually.

In an effort to make room for 2020 NFL Draft cap space, the Buffalo Bills decided to restructure Stefon’s contract. The team plans to make salary cap room for their draft picks by cutting the wide receiver’s base salary to less than $20 million. This move will also lower the Buffalo Bills’ 2022 cap hold, since the team is already $6 million over their projected cap for that season. This will force the team to make roster changes and contract restructurings in order to have a competitive roster.

Diggs’ contract, which is worth $70 millions over the next two seasons, includes options for three additional years. It’s worth noting, however, that Diggs’ contract also includes an option for Buffalo to exercise an additional $21.5million. It’s an impressive contract for a top wide receiver. While his contract isn’t perfect, it’s still better than many wide receivers make in one year. So what’s the average Stefon Diggs salary?

Signing bonus

The Buffalo Bills recently restructured Stefon Diggs’ contract, converting $11.7 million of his 2021 salary into a signing bonus. Diggs will still earn $990,000. However, his contract guarantees Diggs more than $70million in guaranteed salary. Diggs will receive a signing bonus and roster bonuses. He will also be eligible for $250,000. Assuming that he stays healthy throughout his contract, Diggs’ salary will not exceed the average salary for a four-year NFL player.

The new contract is worth $104 million, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. However, that money is not fully guaranteed. If Diggs’ production declines, the Buffalo Bills will have an out. Even if Diggs does receive a large signing bonus, the Bills have an option to get out of him if he fails to live up his new contract. But that’s all part of the fun.

Stefon Diggs, a fifth-round selection, has a huge contract. In his rookie season, he led the NFL in yards and receptions. Although he didn’t have the same impressive numbers in 2021, Diggs finished in the top-10 in both categories. He also exceeded his previous season’s touchdown total. This is a great sign for the Bills, who may be in need of a RB.

The Buffalo Bills will have more cap space this season thanks to Stefon Diggs’ contract signing incentive. The extension will satisfy Diggs’ demands while also clearing salary cap space. Without the extension, Diggs would have faced a $17.9 million cap hit this year. The Bills have $3.8 million of cap space. The Bills can also add another player to the deal.

Restructure option in 2022

The Buffalo Bills have announced a restructure option in the contract of Stefon Diggs. The Bills are turning part of the wide receiver’s salary into a signing bonus. This creates $7812,222 in salary cap space 2021. The restructure allows Beane to make more moves to help the team in the coming offseason. Perhaps he’ll sign Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds to long-term deals, or sign a veteran through free agency.

The Bills might be interested in converting Diggs’ remaining salary into a sign bonus, as the salary cap continues growing. That move would clear $6 million of cap space and make Diggs’ 2023 salary cap hit prohibitive. This would likely mean a restructure option before the 2022 season. The team would have more cap room for other players, including Gregory Rousseau, the first-round draft pick.

Besides giving Diggs a huge bonus, a two-year extension would reduce the cap number in 2022. In addition, a three-year extension would reduce the cap number by $10-12 million in 2022. As Beane likes to say, this is kicking the can down the road. Although the cap will rise in the future, this extension will allow for at least $10-12,000,000 in cap space in this year.

The Bills could be in a dire short-term cap situation if Allen was released, as there is no guarantee money for the 2026 league season. The Buffalo Bills have spent the past four years trying to rebuild their cap situation and now could face a crisis if they don’t move quickly to sign Allen this summer. This option could allow the Bills to add a veteran player while also saving money over the long-term.

Impact of extension on Buffalo Bills’ cap room

The Buffalo Bills will have nearly $7 million more cap space after the Diggs contract extension. This is a significant increase from the previous season when they were in deficit due to the loss of Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams. Diggs’ new deal is worth between $24 and $25 million per year, but his base salary is less than that. Diggs is still the 25th highest-paid wide receiver in the league, despite his low base salary. His impact on the Bills offense is immense.

In addition to the diggs contract extension, the Bills also signed free-agent Josh Allen, a veteran wide receiver. While this may seem like a risky move, the signing of Diggs will free up a significant amount of cap space for the Bills. While the addition of Von Miller will likely have an immediate impact, it will give the Bills more room to add other players.

While Diggs’ new deal will cost the Bills roughly $8 million this season, the restructure will free up nearly $17 million in cap space in future years. However, the cap hit for Diggs in 2022 and 2023 will exceed $17 million, which should not be a difficult number to deal with as the salary cap increases. There are other factors to consider.

In a way, Beane was proactive in negotiating Diggs’ new deal, which puts the team in a good position to sign other top receivers. Diggs’ contract extension is in line with other top receiver contracts in this offseason. Tyreek Hill, a top wide receiver, signed a four year, $120 million deal. Beane wants to run this extension as long as possible to protect the cap space for future years.

Stefon Diggs’ Four-Year, $104 Million Contract
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