Steve Alonzi

Steve Alonzi, a Partner at Syngenta, is a Certified Golf Course Superintendent

Lorenzo Alonzi possesses extensive expertise in all areas of criminal law. He specializes in cases involving proceeds of crime and complex fraud, money laundering and serious sexual offences as well as appearing as leading counsel in several human rights-related proceedings. Furthermore, Lorenzo excels at cross-examining vulnerable witnesses during trials.

Professional Career

Alonzi might be inclined to believe he had golf industry knowledge ingrained in him from birth; but after participating in the 10th annual Syngenta Business Institute and realizing just how much more there is to discover, Alonzi was amazed to find there was still to gain from that experience.

This program brought together superintendents from across the country and at all career stages – such as one who had four years’ experience and another with five.

Rosman is Alonzi’s first EHS player to advance onto the college circuit. Last week he took her and her team out to Miami’s Sony Ericsson Open matches to show them what it takes for players like her to reach the next level.

Steve Alonzi
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